Deb gets her dry bag

I just wanted to let you know that I received the pathfinder dry bag from the drawing.

What a fantastic bag. It will come in very handy. I’m letting my son borrow it tomorrow when he and his girlfriend go off on their camping adventure for the weekend.

Thank you very much. And also a big thank you to Ryan for donating it for the drawing. Have a great weekend.


12 thoughts on “Deb gets her dry bag

  1. Awesome Deb,

    Those bags are pretty cool to have, great for important papers,matches,lunch,medical prescriptions, ammo etc,etc,etc.

    1. Thanks Mark, it’s definitely going to get some good use! I just saw this post now, I didn’t expect it to be put up on the page. Haha!

  2. Cool,now Deb,pack that bag and move a mile north and live with a bit more freedom!Dogs will feel better also in hampster!

    1. I wish I could James, for now I’m going to have to rough it here on the line. I’ll still walk to the end of the street and do my fishing and swimming in the hamster lake. 😉

        1. Hey James, I just got to thinking. We haven’t chatted in awhile. My little girl Meisha, lost her battle with her illness on September 3rd last year. She was a sweetie till the end and I sure do miss her. Her mom and dad and twin elder mates are still around. I’m grateful for them everyday, as they are such great dogs. I love German sheppards. My two younger ones love to escape and entice treats out of anyone willing to give them up. They’re big boys, scarey looking, but gentle giants. LOL
          Have a great night my friend!

          1. Deb,sorry about the little one,we chatted about her a lot and I know you gave her the best life possible.Glad to hear the other four footed family members doing well and are mooches!I admire their lust for freedom by pulling the great escapes.
            I have not posted here in awhile,got in a pissing contest with someone here (waste of both our times!)and said wouldn’t post here anymore though still read articles.I had to post though with one year anniversary of Dan’s dying,got in pissing contests with him but was fun!
            I in last year have lost eight friends and me dad,with all the services,in two cases building coffins,had to take a hiatus from life and put the bottle aside for time being or would have joined em thus another reason not around much.
            As strange as it sounds am in some ways happier then ever,am living more in the moment,i.e. living more like a dog and it suits me.A old girlfriend said being with me was like being with a human German Shepard!I took it as a compliment!
            Any how,the state of Hampster always here and we will leave the light on for ya’s,enjoy the weekend,James

  3. Thank you for donating to the trenches Deb.

    I started using these for camp food because they keep the critters from coming and are easy to hang up. Then we realized that putting towels and swim suits in them after a trip to the river kept the car dry. Kind of the reverse of normal thinking, but just as effective at keeping water OUT. They also hold air for floatation too.

    1. Excellent thinking Ryan. I usually use plastic shopping bags to keep the car dry, this will work out well. It’s good to know it can be used as a floatation device. As I said in the post, my son and his girl are going camping this weekend, they also take the kayaks. They can keep their things dry and if there’s an emergency, well…

      Thanks again. 🙂

  4. Congratulations, Deb! 🙂 You’re ALWAYS a winner in my book(not that mine counts) but happy to see a Trenchers gal come into something good! Just wanted to wish good on ya and to you. Always have kind words to me and is never disregarded or taken for granted. I too am blessed just to be able to share with such a group of patriots.

    1. Marxist,
      Katie, Enbe and myself all had a winning moment. Girls for the win! Hehe A couple of guys as well, my bad I’m having brain fog! LOL

      Winning is always fun, but donating for the true cause is more important.

      Martist, you’ve been a good guy and very receptive here, and as anyone, your opinion counts. You’ve always been very kind to me as well. We are all in this struggle together, we will fight together and have each others backs. What is life without fighting for another day, keeping each other safe, and loving like it was your last act in life? Peace <3

      1. Truer words never spoken and I could not have put them together better in a thousand years! It’s just another reason why I keep haunting FTTWR. I need to get off my arse and give more to our gracious hosts btw. My sincerest apologies to these patriots 🙁

        You go girls and I am smiling ear to ear as I type this! LOL Give em hell and smile as you do it. Your cause is just. 🙂

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