6 thoughts on “Deborah Tavares Speaks On Elements Of The New World Order

    1. yup, absolutely disgusting…. a while back I had printed it out and laminated it then gave it to the gal that manages the grocery store here…still selling the same products……in case folks aren’t aware there are aborted fetal cells in vaccines as well

      there is no outrage ­čÖü out here in the twilight zone

      1. Yeah, she mentions in the vid that the vax contain aborted fetal cells. They want to turn us into cannibals. I don’t use anything on that list, but once in a while my husband will eat a Butterfinger candy. Wait ’til I tell him. Anyhow, the list is likely not complete and we’re probably ingesting more of their poison in many, many undisclosed items. I certainly know where I’d like to shove those items.


  1. “From the birth control pill to abortion to the prevalence of gentile circumcision, there is no question that even the most intimate and essential elements of our society have been thoroughly Judaized. When that also includes antagonism toward the host populationÔÇöindeed, even attitudes and policies geared toward atomizing and then destroying that host populationÔÇöthe locus of control becomes not just significant but essential to identify.”
    — John Q. Publius, ‘The Occidental Observer,’ 1/24/20

    And beyond identifying…


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