Decide For Yourself: Transgender Crimes

Published on Aug 11, 2016 by Jane Williams

This video is a sequel to my first, in response to the transactivists who claimed that the men I highlighted were not “really” transgender. The men in this video explicitly identify as transgender. This video could have been hours long, but here are just a few that I found in my research which I am here highlighting. Transactivists claim that men who identify as transgender never break the law or hurt anyone. The information in this video proves that claim to be patently false. Decide for yourself if these men pose a danger to women.

Here is a list of the names of the men featured in the video:

Jonathan Adrian Wolf; Johanna
Paul Ray Witherspoon; Paula
David Megarry Jr.; Sandy Jo Battista
Ronny Edward Darnell; Phoebe Halliwell
Luke Voyce; Laura
Richard Masbruch; Sherri
Noel Crompton; Maddison Hall
Dana McCallum
Geoffrey Ian Websdale; Michelle
Paul Denyer
Davina Ayrton
Vance Egglestone; Shauna Taylor
Wolfgang Schmidt; Beate
Randall Donald Rye; Susan Rye
Sean Paul Gossman
William Carl Olsen
John D. Babcock; Sarah Babcock
Jason LaPre; Catarina LaPre
Bryan Woodall; Misty LaCroix
Matthew Ralf Harks; Madilyn Rebecca Harks
Raymond Crawford-Tand; Rockelle Deadbeauney
David Scott Teeter; Heather Teeter
Jacobus Van Nierop
James Dillbeck
Lewis Stevens; Lennea Elizabeth Stevens
Jeffrey Willsea; Xena M. Grandichelli
Walter Miller
Jerry Brudos

19 thoughts on “Decide For Yourself: Transgender Crimes

    1. For apprentice snipers that are only reasonably decent shots,but fast to work the bolt and target acquisition….

  1. I made it 5 min but had to stop.

    I’m not a bigot. I wouldn’t watch any longer if it was mentally retarded people who raped and assaulted little girls either…
    Oh wait. I am a bigot, and these people are deranged mental cases. Like those that use to be in psych hospitals.

    Imo, anyone with sexual deviance problems is most likely retarded /crazy and should not be permitted to mingle publicly. So long as they or their family can afford it. If not the public sponsors a one time lethal means.

      1. Yes, it certainly does fit in.
        I think you should send it in as a stand alone post so other Trenchers will see it.
        MG…What has our world come to… 🙄

  2. Fk’it…….. Hollow point, or standard? ….There’s your gender choice………

    I made it to 4.5 minutes, hey that’s it…I just ate….

  3. “They, knowing God’s standard for justice , that those who practice such things are worthy of death, not only do such things but also applaud those who practice such things.” Romans 1:32

    Swift consequences should come to individuals like these in the vid., they will corrupt a society and people. Can you put devil spirits on trial? No.
    Remove the body inhabited, the spirits have no where to dwell. Remove those such as these from among you, others flirting with the idea of allowing their being to be possessed of such evil will keep the trap door of their mind closed because the consequence of being put to death will deter them.

    The Creator knew and therefor made provisions for situation such as these and many more.

    Now they are coddled and accepted and provided special privileges.

    Unnatural and must be dealt with by way of the fighting doctrine. So offensive to a normal man’s being that the unnatural sight pricks conscience
    to the end of removing the site, permanently.

    1. Katie, I agree death is the only solution. I have work friends whose husbands are guards in AZ prisons that are full of sex offenders and child molesters. I don’t know how anyone could do that job and not lose their soul. I boycott Target because of their position on transgenders bathrooms and dressing rooms.

    1. Mary, I work two days a week as a “checker” in a big box store. Oh my, how this made me smile. The cash register took me back. I have a touch screen. The teased up hair is so dated! How skinny everyone is! Don’t see that now a days. Not sure how this relates to the transgender video.

      1. Janet, it doesn’t relate to the transgender video but I just wanted to insert a bit of sanity into the bizarre world we find ourselves in these days. It also made me smile.

        1. The narrators sounds as if being a checker is the end all, be all of careers. Bet those women didn’t get a pay raise when they won their nutty award.


        1. Koyote, when I started out working in a bank in the 70’s my calculator was a manual full key. That means 100 keys, 10 across and 10 down. We didn’t have computers, everything was done on paper. We sent a block in every night with utility bills, loan payments, checks cashed, deposits made, etc, etc. If the grid goes down they will have to pull us old ones out of moth balls to show the puppies how to use paper and pen.

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