Delaware State Police Hold Bump Stock and Trigger Crank Collection


DELAWARE– In June, the Delaware General Assembly passed House Bill 300, legislation that outlawed the possession of bump stocks and trigger cranks.

On Wednesday, Delaware State Police offered financial incentive for people who opted to voluntarily surrender bump stocks and trigger cranks for guns. Bump stocks and trigger cranks both attach to rifles and allow the guns to shoot at a much higher rate than they normally would.   

From 4-8 p.m., Delaware State Police in Kent, New Castle and Sussex counties offered gun owners $100 for bump stocks and $15 for trigger crank surrenders .

But some people in Delaware, like Gus Cornias who owns Lighthouse Guns and Gear, believes the problem doesn’t lie with the accessories, but irresponsible use of the guns.

“A bad person is going to do bad things,” he said. “All the regulations and laws in the world are not going to prevent a bad person from doing bad things.”

Others support the program because they think the accessories aren’t practical.

“People have the right to bear arms, I just think that the bump stocks are a bad thing because if you want an automatic rifle you can buy it,” Tina Yorro said.

Others think the program may be a way to prevent mass shootings from happening in the area.

“I think it’s a good idea because it will keep some of it from going into the wrong hands and make people think twice,” Patty Vogl said.

In order for the buyback to take place, police are requesting that the accessories be detached from the rifles at the time of surrender.

Valid Delaware ID’s are also required. They’re also accepting anonymous surrenders, but compensation won’t be provided.

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