#DeleteFacebook trending as users fume over Cambridge Analytica data harvesting scandal


The hashtag #DeleteFacebook is trending, after it was revealed that Cambridge Analytica bought data harvested from 50 million Facebook users and used it to target voters during the 2016 US presidential election.

The data mining was revealed on Saturday by the Observer, which found that the firm – which worked with Donald Trump’s election team – bought the harvested data from a company called Global Science Research. Cambridge Analytica has denied knowing the data was improperly obtained. 

Facebook users weren’t exactly thrilled to find out that they had been analyzed in such a way. They’ve now taken to Twitter to express their anger under the hashtag #DeleteFacebook. The campaign is calling for users to unsubscribe from everything related to Facebook, including Instagram and WhatsApp.

Stock market trader and political analyst @Ian56789 accused Facebook of being “part of the Big Brother system of control,” while referencing George Orwell’s novel ‘1984.’ He added that it sells data to governments and corporations, manipulates what see and don’t see online, and “even tries to manipulate your current mood.”

Author and physician Rachel Clarke took to Twitter to deliver a reversed version of the age-old break-up line to Facebook. “It’s not me, it’s you. Goodbye,” she wrote.


Stand-up comedian Joe Heenan brought a bit of humor to the situation, saying that deleting Facebook would take away his ability to see “racist comments” from people he hated in high school.

Meanwhile, Mark Davyd, founder and CEO of the Music Venue Trust in the UK, noted the irony of #DeleteFacebook trending on Twitter. In true music industry fashion, he highlighted that irony by including a screenshot from the music video of Alanis Morissette’s smash 1996 hit ‘Ironic.’

Others took the opportunity to share their experience with deleting Facebook, encouraging others to do the same. “I deleted Facebook New Year‘s Eve 2014. It was the best decision I’ve made and I can safely say I do not miss it. Life is so much better without it,” Twitter user @CEdwardsEsq wrote.


“I deleted my Facebook account over a year ago and noticed a very real drop in anxiety. I…hadn’t realised how deeply entrenched I had become in what is essentially an addictive game with shit graphics,” Twitter user Kavus Torabi wrote.

However, journalist and author Fabio Chiusi was less optimistic about the effect of deleting Facebook. “#DeleteFacebook if you wish, but please don’t pretend this is a solution to surveillance capitalism. What we need is a restructuring of the data economy, not opening up a market for the next Facebook – which, btw, will be as bad, without changing the rules of the game.”

Whether those who are deleting their Facebook accounts will stick to their commitment over the long-term remains unknown. For many, the desire to receive Happy Birthday messages from people they never speak to may prove to be too strong.


Meanwhile, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg continues to remain silent while the company deals with a 6.77 percent drop in shares as a result of the breach. The drop knocked $36 billion off the company’s valuation, and $5.5 billion off Zuckerberg’s personal fortune, according to Forbes’ live tracker of the world’s wealthiest people.


4 thoughts on “#DeleteFacebook trending as users fume over Cambridge Analytica data harvesting scandal

  1. Okay. The “hashtag is trending”, which means exactly what?

    A million Twitter bots were created to make it appear as if someone cares about this Cambridge Analytica scandal, or the people who go through life ignoring one scandal after another are all of a sudden swayed by this one?

    Facebook, Twitter, and Google, are all part of the Zionist news & Academia propaganda machine, so nothing they say can be trusted. All you can really get from this article is that maybe people care, and maybe they don’t, but the Zionists care because they’re publishing it.

    This Cambridge Analytica nonsense looks to me like the latest way for the Obama faction to attack the Trump faction, but both gangs of commies want us all dead, so it doesn’t really matter to us.

  2. Nick Spero and Brendon O’Connell reported on this. What little I could come away with on Cambridge Analytica seems to show it’s a very BIG deal. Beyond what the msm shows: the concerns of data mining, invading privacy, tampering with elections, there are concerns of Cambridge Analytica having the goal and the potential of controlling ALL THE TECHNOLOGY of the planet, and that would include the grid, which includes the kill-switches. Can’t prove any of this but we may just be seeing the tip of the iceberg.


    1. I think they’re making a big deal out of what it probably standard election research, and I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to control all the technology on the planet.

      Even if they could harvest all of the data on the internet, there is still a big part of the Earth’s population they’ll always be in the dark about.

      A lot of people avoid putting any personal data on line (me, for example), and some spill their guts to the world. I don’t even have any personally identifying info in this computer.

      1. Well, some sources that I trust are sounding the alarm (including the two sources I mentioned above). I’m keeping an eye on it and I put nothing past those who are advancing the Talmudic agenda. From my perspective, they’re reaching for total control, even if at present it may seem impossible, and every avenue is their chess board. I guess the hyper-vigilant don’t want them to get too many moves ahead. Bobby Fischer, where are you?



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