Democrat Lawmaker Suggests White Male Military Members May be Seditionist Conspirators

Gateway Pundit – by Cristina Laila

Without offering any evidence whatsoever, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) suggested white male servicemembers may be seditionist conspirators.

Cohen made the remarks on Monday during an appearance on CNN in response to reports the FBI is vetting 25,000 National Guard troops over fears of an ‘insider attack.’

According to NBC, US defense officials are worried about an inside attack or threat from guard members chosen to secure Biden’s sham inauguration.

Cohen suggested white males who voted for Trump should be profiled because they may be seditionist conspirators.

“The [National] Guard is 90 some-odd percent male; and only about 20 percent of white males voted for Biden … there are probably not more than 25% of the people there protecting us that voted for Biden,” Cohen said.


Gateway Pundit


8 thoughts on “Democrat Lawmaker Suggests White Male Military Members May be Seditionist Conspirators

  1. Sounds like he’s admitting that they cheated
    He’s even calling out the low numbers

    Oh and I almost forgot
    Fck you Steve
    So much for representation
    Pretty brave for a communist coward

  2. The “white is evil” crapola is pretty much reaching its peak (began in earnest under Obama’s second term and the “pendulum” is reaching maximum point it seems)….when Alaska natives are attacked by “racist” WHITE polar bears, when the upper midwest is inundated with “racist” WHITE snow, when in-class school learning using WHITE boards is considered “racist” and they go back to BLACKboards and when Biden and especially Commie Kammy trash the “racist” WHITE House….then maybe the pendulum will swing back to moderation…. And will they force white youth to get “trans-racial”? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

  3. Why yes, steve, as a (((fellow white person))) has again identified the problem.

    They’re outing themselves enough now for even the average idiot to see who’s pulling the strings.

  4. what’s funny is when blacks and Latinos talk about White devils and “the man” keeping them down.. they don’t know it’s the dirty joo they’re hating on. ask any ashkeNAZI joo and he’ll tell you.. “I’m not White I’m jooish”.. they are obviously White and that’s how the mistake is made. my White ass is just as oppressed as any brown person but they don’t know that. it certainty isn’t White American men making black kids suck their dick for a rap record deal!! it’s the dirty degenerate homo joo.. who just happens to be… White.

  5. Remember when he was on Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura? The episode where they talked about FEMA camps?

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