Democratic Socialists of America Train Protesters To Loot and Riot

National File – by Patrick Howley

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) of Broward County admitted in a training session for George Floyd protesters Wednesday that they support looting and rioting, NATIONAL FILE has exclusively learned.

“I firmly believe that quote unquote looting and rioting is nonviolent,” said one of the participants on the DSA call. “That’s my personal belief. I think that we need to change the narrative.”

“I still, and a lot of our groups, still actually support and stand in solidarity for people who are taking those actions. So it’s so important to change the language to say uprisings, to say redistributing wealth, and not recreate this narrative of peaceful versus violent, because we know who the true violent people are. They are police. And we are responding to that. So just want to make sure folks are clear on that.”

Those speaking on the call were Tifanny Burks, Paula Munoz, Asa Rogers-Shaw, Quayneshia Smith, and Cindy Mahendar.

Of those five, Munoz had her microphone muted while these remarks were said. Additionally, Rogers-Shaw, a man, was not the speaker.

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) chapter of Broward County, Florida is organizing anti-police protest activity in Florida in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death in police custody, and also convened a direct action training session Wednesday on “how to manage a protest.” DSA Broward stated on Twitter, “We’ve received an overwhelmingly positive response from those who joined in demanding justice for George Floyd, Tony McDade, and countless others whose lives were destroyed by police, last Sunday. In an effort to ensure safety and solidarity 2/2 Today 7PM we’re hosting a direct action training to equip all who attend with the skills and tactics of how to manage a protest.” The RSVP Link on Google Forms does not use the DSA label, but rather the #BlackLivesMatter label.

National File

One thought on “Democratic Socialists of America Train Protesters To Loot and Riot

  1. I can’t believe what I’m hearing in this vid. It’s the most insane attempt at logic I’ve ever experienced. And she says it all with such confidence and poise, in that calm and hypnotizing voice. I ’bout fell off my chair when I heard this “Democratic Socialist,” code for COMMUNIST!!!, say that rioting is to “redistribute wealth!!!”

    And she also says, “I firmly believe that quote unquote looting and rioting is nonviolent. That’s my personal belief.”

    Yeah, everybody’s talkin’ about “Reset,” financial, social, political, interpersonal. The only real “Reset” is The Bill of Rights. Everything else perpetuates our suffering and subservience, and we are suffering on so many levels. The Bill of Rights, not only does it free but it also heals.


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