Democrats Take Plea Deals in Election Fraud Case in Troy, New York

Whenever the issue of vote fraud in the United States is brought up, the mainstream media immediately starts a campaign to minimize and remove the subject matter from debate.  Mainstream reporters will say that allegations of vote fraud are unfounded and assert that there have only been a couple of incidents reported in the whole history of the United States.  This is yet another lie designed to maintain the status quo.

Election fraud runs rampant in the United States and we the people are quite aware of the situation.  I guess we have just been desensitized to the ramifications this felonious activity represents.  How many times have you heard someone say, “We have the best government money can buy” or “You can’t fight city hall”?

We are at an important juncture in our nation’s history.  If our Republic is to survive we must return to our Constitution.  Those who have been actively working to remove our Constitution and tear down our Republic are going to continue to do so, using the most blatant election fraud in 2012 that we have ever experienced.

The communists fully intend for millions of illegal aliens to vote in our elections.  The neo-con fascists intend to put forth false numbers by buying off those who count the vote.

As a result of a probe in 2009, eight Democrats have been indicted for their participation in voter fraud in Troy, New York.  This fraud only involved a local election for council members.  So do you think these very same people would have any qualms in helping to fix a national election?  Let’s get real.  The only difference would be that they would be paid more for fixing a national election.

I do not know how we get this situation under control but I do know that we must if we are going to save our country.  Barring the election process we have only one option left and that is war, which may at this point be inevitable.  If we cannot regain control of our own election process, how can we expect to regain control of our government?

We should have never allowed the integrity of our elections to be degraded to its present state.  There is a lot of talk in reference to reform, things like a constitutional amendment that declare that corporations are not people.  Tell me this, if we need a constitutional amendment to tell us that an inanimate paper entity is not human, how lost are we?

If we need a constitutional amendment it should be to make any incident of election fraud a capital offense with a mandatory death sentence.

Look at the things we debate.  There are actually people out there advocating to allow foreign nationals to vote in our elections.  Again, this should be a capital offense, as in the final analyses it can only serve to destroy US sovereignty and we the people in the process.

The rational among us are searching frantically for a peaceful way out of this mess and I will tell you what we are finding.  None exists.  If election fraud denies we the people Dr. Ron Paul as our next president, it will have to be war as we are completely out of options.

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