Democrats To Destroy US West Coast Within 14 Months.

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Perhaps I should rewrite the title above so it is more self-explanatory. Liberal Democrats will destroy the US West Coast because they will not stop the homeless from defecating in the streets and spreading fatal communicable diseases. Destruction to be Apocalyptic within 14 months.

Why 14 months? Because Vitamin D-3 is the sunshine vitamin and is depleted during the winter. 14 months would be the end of winter and just passed spring break 2021. 

Half of all the homeless in America live in California because unlimited legal and illegal immigration has made the former Golden State the most unlivable hellhole imaginable. Three of the 4 cities with the most homeless in California are in the north, San Francisco, Santa Rosa and San Jose. The fourth is Los Angeles. This is not the first plague to hit California. A doctor in San Jose told me they had 2 cases a month of bubonic plague from illegal aliens. And a doctor in LA has been trying to raise hell over communicable diseases amongst the homeless which would include bubonic plague.

The homeless might not yet have the Wuhan virus. But when the first man does get it, his feces will be aerosolized and allowed to infect workers, shoppers, conventioneers and tourists rushing past the stench to get to where they were going. San Francisco has 265,000 more people commuting into the city than out. One in ten SF Bay Area workers  commutes more an hour every morning and every evening. The reason for this is high rents due to immigration.

The homeless have no resistance to disease. They are exposed to people passing by. As beggars, they get up close and personal to passersby which is a good way both to become infected and to infect others. Let’s think through what happens to patient Zero H ( H is for homeless) , the first man to get the Wuhan virus. The mayor of San Francisco has already declared a state of emergency. That’s nice. But suppose patent Zero H defecates once a day in the streets and manages to infect a few other homeless plus some workers trying to get to lunch or to begin the long drive or train ride home. The commuters can spread the disease throughout the 9 counties around San Francisco Bay which has a total population of just under 8 million.

The homeless often go to hospitals for reasons other than the flu. The homeless are often arrested. In jail they can spread the disease to other prisoners and to other men and women awaiting trial and their lawyers and the court staff plus the jailers. In hospitals they can spread the virus to other patients and medical staff.

After conviction, the newly infected men and women are either sent to county jails and state prisons which house 115,000 people or to mental institutions. Both places are known centers of contagion in Korea and China.

There are thousands of homeless living in vans in California. I have seen videos of them dumping their raw sewage in the streets. Not good during the Plague Years.

Want to take bets on how many thousands of infected public defecators there are on the West Coast before liberal Democrats get a clue as to what a disaster they created?

Hint: Many Third World nations might have no Wuhan virus problem now, but public defecation by hundreds of millions of poor people everyday will take its toll. Remember there are at least two more plagues to follow.

The Wuhan virus is a bioweapon designed to kill Asians. There are 265,000 Asians in San Francisco and almost 6 million statewide. There are 20 million Asian-Americans. Asians are 40% of the students at UC Berkeley. There are 1.46 million Asians living in Los Angeles county and 671,000 in Santa Clara county (Silicon Valley.)

There are 399,000 Asians living in King County Washington (Seattle-Tacoma.) Seattle has non-Asian homeless on the streets. The Liberal Democrats of Seattle let the homeless rob one store owned by an Asian woman over 700 times without arresting even one person for theft. They did arrest a few homeless men for beating up shoppers and employees.

The real estate and the businesses of San Francisco, San Jose and Los Angeles are worth trillions. You would think that people as wealthy as Asian-Americans and as powerful as California financiers and the owners of Hollywood and Silicon Valley would have someone on staff to point out the fly in the ointment. Liberal Democrats have not figured out Feces on Streets Bad. I doubt all those billionaires are willing to chuck out a few trillion dollars in  investments to save Liberal Democrat politicians from a Reality Check.

Malcolm X once told blacks that the reason they voted for Democrats is because yo’ is a chump.

Let’s look at Asian-Americans. Almost all violent assaults against Asians are committed by blacks. This fact has not registered on the political radar. As has the fact, that the gang rape of white women was decriminalized in San Francisco as early as 1968.

Now let’s look again at the Deep State which has been chanting “Orange man bad” for the past three years. That Wuhan bioweapon was designed to kill Asians. It was deliberately released in Wuhan to kill Chinese people knowing it would eventually reach the US where 20 million Asian Americans could be infected. Plugging in values known to us through the media, we could estimate that 60% of the 20 million Asian-Americans become infected and that 15% of the 12 million infected die. That is 1.8 million Asian-Americans dying.

If 60% of 300 million non Asian Americans become infected and 1% die that would also be 1.8 million people. But the highest death rates will be in areas where hospitals are overwhelmed by the dying. That would be the cites on the West Coast all run by Liberal Democrats who have not figured out that feces in streets is bad.

Asian Americans ought to become irreconcilably angry with both the Democrats and the Deep State that will kill more than a million of their friends and relatives, not to mention more than 100 million in Asia.

As I said before, we will win if we survive the next five years. We might face two or more bioweapon plagues after this one works it way across America. Plagues come in waves. The next wave in America should be this coming winter (in 10 months). That is the time of year when our Vitamin D-3 levels are depleted. I advise you to take lots of D-3 to avoid the flu altogether if possible.

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One thought on “Democrats To Destroy US West Coast Within 14 Months.

  1. Orange man IS bad and there is NO “deep state”. It operates in plain view under ALL the friggin letters these traitors put next to their names.

    What exactly will we win by merely surviving the next 5 years? “R’s”? More white hat /black hat B.S.? That’s not winning in my book. That’s not even living, that’s just surviving under these psychopaths and that ain’t my birthright.

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