Dentists declare ‘mask mouth’ a new phenomenon as they see an explosion in patients suffering from tooth decay and gum disease after wearing face coverings

Daily Mail

Dentists say face coverings could be causing gum disease and tooth decay, with the number of patients presenting with oral health problems exploding since mask wearing mandates began.

The owners of One Manhattan Dental in New York City say they have even created the nickname ‘mask mouth’ to deal with the burgeoning number of cases.  

‘We’re seeing inflammation in people’s gums that have been healthy forever, and cavities in people who have never had them before,’  Dr. Rob Raimondi  told Fox News. 

‘About 50 percent of our patients are being impacted by this, [so] we decided to name it “mask mouth” — after “meth mouth”.

While some Americans have claimed that mask-wearing exacerbates respiratory issues, less attention has been paid to problems plaguing the teeth and gums.

‘Gum disease — or periodontal disease — will eventually lead to strokes and an increased risk of heart attacks,’ One Manhattan Dental’s Dr. Marc Sclafani states.

Sclafani says most people breathe heavily through their mouths when wearing a mask, which is inadvertently causing dry mouth.

‘The mouth breathing is causing the dry mouth, which leads to a decrease in saliva — and saliva is what fights the bacteria and cleanses your teeth.

‘Saliva is also what neutralizes acid in the mouth and helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease,’ he told Fox News.

The dentists told the publication that there is one positive outcome: mask-wearing has made people more attentive to their oral health.

‘Patients are coming into us like, “Wow, my breath smells, I need a cleaning.”

‘[But] when you smell the bad breath, you either already have periodontal disease or you have a lot of bacteria that’s sitting on your tongue because of dry mouth,’ Sclafani explained.

He urges people to drink lots of liquids, brush and floss regularly and trying breathing through their nose if they’re wearing a mask.

Meanwhile, doctors have debunked a number of other conspiracy theories about mask wearing.

One of the main claims on social media is that masks cause a toxic build-up of carbon dioxide in the blood, known as hypercapnia.

This happens when someone breathes in recycled air – usually in confined spaces without ventilation – reducing oxygen and increasing CO2 levels. It causes breathlessness, headache, confusion and, in extreme cases, irregular heartbeat.

One small study found nurses wearing N95s on a 12-hour shift had ‘significantly elevated’ CO2 levels and reported headaches and feeling short of breath. But these symptoms were not significant enough to be considered hypercapnia.

The CDC says any build-up of CO2 would be unlikely in everyday use outside hospital settings, and could be avoided by simply letting some air in.

Another claim circulating on Instagram and Facebook is that wearing a mask makes catching coronavirus more likely, because the material ‘traps’ infected droplets.

Epidemiologist Prof Keith Neal, from the University of Nottingham in the UK, claims this is nonsensical.

‘The mask is to stop you spreading it – you can’t infect yourself if you are already infected,’ he stated.

4 thoughts on “Dentists declare ‘mask mouth’ a new phenomenon as they see an explosion in patients suffering from tooth decay and gum disease after wearing face coverings

  1. My Fellow Trenchers,

    WOW!,… when I was a kid, the worst thing you heard about was “potty-mouth”!

    NEXT UP: “Firearm-Measles”,…. get ready to be told you are “mandated” to give up your firearms because they may have measles….

    JD – Communist idiocy knows no bounds…..

  2. The absurdity.
    Why don’t dentists have mask mouth? Dental hygienists, assistants, surgeons, nurses…
    The mask is a tool of the oppressors, that is certain. How dentists can say that is beyond me, when they wear masks a majority of their days. I appreciate the mask denial, but not for obviously contradicting reasons. Controlled opposition. MFKRS!!

    1. Wow, glad you saw that. I never considered it. But now they may use it to claim the safety of wearing the mask and relieve the worry of the sheep.

      We watch the Mask-dance while tyranny sinks in it’s teeth. And yeah, it’s an emblem of oppression, for sure.


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