Dentists, Eye Doctors Getting Certified to Give COVID Vaccine

Dr. Mercola

Dentists and eye doctors will soon be approved for administering COVID-19 vaccines, along with flu shots.

Multiple COVID-19 vaccines are rapidly heading toward approval, and optometrists and dentists want the authority to vaccinate patients, pointing out that they have the expertise and with their help, the vaccine will be more rapidly administered to the millions of Americans who want it.

Dentists and eye doctors in California are currently working with state officials to obtain certification to administer vaccines, while in Oregon training and certifying dentists to give vaccines has already begun.  They are among 25 states that have considered allowing dentists to administer COVID vaccines once they’re available.

Minnesota and Illinois already adopted laws to allow dentists to give flu shots to adults and, in 2019, Oregon became the first state to allow dentists to administer any vaccine to any patient, whether a child or an adult.

Optometrist Frank Giardina completed a 20-hour certification program, including online lectures, hands-on lessons and an exam — the same course pharmacists take when learning how to give vaccines.

“We’re another member of the health care team. It’s a waste of manpower not to,” Giardina said. “If you’re trying to vaccinate all these people, especially in rural areas, you need whoever you can find.”

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation December 3, 2020

Dr. Mercola

2 thoughts on “Dentists, Eye Doctors Getting Certified to Give COVID Vaccine

  1. So what they’re really trying to impart is that if you want to see a dentist or eye doctor you’ll need to get “the vaccine”…. now let’s see how many dentists and eye doctors go out of business…. I need a root canal? I’ll just head down to Ojinaga, Mexico…. (there are some really good dentists down there…they even speak English!)

  2. Wow. Remember the days when only doctors could give you a vaccine because with anyone else it would be unethical and the fact that ITS NOT THEIR JOB! NOR DO THEY HAVE ANY RIGHT OR SAY WHAT TO PUT IN A PERSON’S BODY! EVER!

    By the way, whatever happened to voting on things like this? I don’t have a say?

    What happened to voting in this country? It seems to have disappeared overnight. We only are allowed to vote or have a say for presidential candidates and nothing else anymore? (And we all know that’s rigged, too, as we don’t even get to chose who runs for president anymore. They just give us the illusion that we do and they select them for us.) Everything else is just forced upon us by the government. If that ain’t Authoritarian then I don’t know what is.

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