Denver Attorney Files Civil Action In Kyle Rittenhouse Shooting

CBS Denver

DENVER (CBS4)– Fallout from what happened on an August 2020 night in Kenosha, Wisconsin is not over. There’s more legal action ahead.

Denver attorney Milo Schwab represents two of those who were shot.

“A criminal case and civil case are different, but we are reaching for larger questions,” he told CBS4’s Rick Sallinger in an interview before testimony in the criminal trial began. 

His clients are the family of Joseph Rosenbaum, one of those who died as well as Gaige Grosskreutz who was wounded by Rittenhouse’s gun. He has already filed a lawsuit against Kenosha authorities and its police.

Schwab said he will raise questions, “How did the police respond? Were the police too cozy with vigilantes walking the streets enforcing their own justice?”

Although acquitted, Rittenhouse could face civil action, and he could file defamation lawsuits himself.

Mark Richards was Rittenhouse’s criminal trial attorney.

“He has to get on with his life as best as he can. I think eventually some anonymity will come back to it.”

What took place on the streets of Kenosha may be seen as part of a much larger picture said Schwab.

“Whether that’s the type of society we want where white nationalists show up to protest Black Lives Matter movements or movements for racial justice with AR-15s.”

Now the civil lawsuits will proceed.

“It’s going to raise questions if self-appointed militias can roam the streets doling out justice as they see.”

Following the not guilty verdict Schwab and co-counsel Kimberley Motley issued the following statement:

“Today we grieve for the families of those slain by Kyle Rittenhouse. Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum did not deserve to die that night. For now, we ask for peace from everyone hurting and that the public respect the privacy of the victims and their families. That night in Kenosha, Gaige Grosskreutz, Anthony Huber, and many others acted heroically. They did not seek violence, but to end violence. What we need right now is justice, not more violence. While today’s verdict may mean justice delayed, it will not mean justice denied. We are committed to uncovering the truth of that night and holding those responsible to account.”

CBS Denver

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