Department of Homeland Security Plans to Release Bacteria in Boston Subway System

Liberty Chatter  The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), has announced a series of biological tests that they will be conducting in subway systems near Boston. DHS will be releasing bacteria into the MBTA tunnels, in what they say are tests to evaluate sensors installed in the tunnel system.

The DHS sensors are designed to detect biological agents. The testing is expected to go on for at least one year, with multiple bacteria releases every month.

DHS officials insist that the bacteria release, a dead bacteria called B-subtilis, will have no adverse health risks on healthy individuals.  What this means for people with compromised immune systems isn’t known, DHS hasn’t publicly commented on that.

B-subtilis is a Gram-positive, catalase-positive bacterium commonly found in soil. Although DHS insists that are no health risks, the EPA fact sheet does show some negative health effects associated with this bacteria.

B. subtilis does produce an extracellular toxin known as subtilisin. Although subtilisin has very low toxigenic properties (Gill, 1982), this proteinaceous compound is capable of causing allergic reactions in individuals who are repeatedly exposed to it.

B. subtilis has also been implicated in several cases of food poisoning (Gilbert et al., 1981 and Kramer et al., 1982 as cited by Logan, 1988).

It goes on to say that in those with compromised immune systems:

Infections attributed to B. subtilis include bacteremia, endocarditis, pneumonia, and septicemia.

According to DHS,(their documents can be seen on the DHS website here)

Several subway systems across the country were considered to host the proposed pilot test.

Preliminary discussions were held with a few subway systems, and the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) was considered to be an optimal location due to the extensive chemical simulant studies that were recently performed there.

Department of Homeland Security Plans to Release Bacteria in Boston Subway System.

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12 thoughts on “Department of Homeland Security Plans to Release Bacteria in Boston Subway System

  1. Yes, by all means, let’s release dead bacteria in the subway system, so when the time comes, we’ll know how effectively live bacteria will be spread.

  2. Again, we see the military learning how to drive tanks in public rather than ON THEIR MILITARY BASE in St. Louis. NOW we see DHS releasing bacteria into a tunnel in Boston rather than IN A LABORATORY!!!! Does anyone else see a pattern here? Why do we have military bases and laboratories IF WE DON’T F##KING USE THEM!!!!??? Ohhhhh..that’s right! They want to depopulate us! But THEY won’t tell you that because then THEY wouldn’t be able to do that and the stupid sheeple never stop to think, “Oh gee…How come they are training in public and not on their base OR how come they are releasing diseases in public and not in a laboratory?” Our country is so dumb down in their education that you can’t fix stupid anymore. It’s like the movie, “Idiocracy”. Here’s an idea. How about we put it in a way that the sheeple can understand. How about we put the Kardashians in the tunnel, have DHS release the bacteria in the tunnel and then after the Kardashians hair falls out and they don’t look pretty anymore and go, “Ewww…What’s that smell??? Like I look gross. Like I think I’m dying or something. Oh my god. I think I have a 3rd breast growing.” and then they drop dead in the tunnel, then I think that will let the sheeple know that something just might be wrong in the tunnel.

  3. ….And then the terrorists struck while they were conducting this drill and gee whiz, they couldn’t figure out what was real and what was simulation… Like Hollywood, they can’t seem to make up new scripts any longer. But I am sure the media will act surprised just the same.

  4. Maybe the sheeple ARE the problem. But then, who wants to hang around people that will stab you in the back, guaranteed. I’ll take sheeple any day. If I am drunk, they really are O.K.. The NWO has screwed up my life more in the past ten years than sheeple in the past 60. Given the correct data, without all the B.S., sheeple usually do the right thing. Not so with the NWO, where treachery and violence are the policy for the day, every day.

  5. And when this bacteria mutates tnto something unexpected the obama care should about be all ready to go to treat all of our weaken imune systems that are already probobly weakened by the safe coastal water sea food, contaminated food sorces on land, etc., etc. That would be a good place for the bankers and lawmakers to commute to work seeing as to how safe this is and we all would not have to acknowledge them nor them us common folk people.

    1. welll here it comes people controll the way to do it is by getting rid of human people do away with check and see how many vips get on the subwaysoh but we want know when they release the bacteria but you can bet those vips will ,just like the stock market fall those that needed know were told so they wouldnt lose ,are is this just a new fluto come first from the west, all been eastern bornen hong kong flu and asiatticflu, birdflu from east ,then the swineflu came unexplainning from central american it had started, now a flu from eastern usa what will it be called,eastamerican flu,no cure,so obama care will make money think about it,and that will help the country money wise.less people to care for’
      elderly young unhealthly will die from this.
      so want need ss money will be done away with.
      medcare medcaid all gone want need it’
      ‘doctors will give this to those that the govtseems unfit’
      ‘again elderly young unheathly misfits allgone and china already has this policy in thier govt’
      ‘people controll
      less money spending out more kept to pay china off’
      just look out people its coming
      we need FREEDY TO START @ NOW it means FREEDOM/YOU

  6. And the bacteria has to already be at the sensor site to detect the bacteria meaning that by the time the sensors go off it is already to late! You people -sheeple – roll that around in pea sized brain and think about using subways. It would be nice for a safer commute to wherever people must go.

  7. Lunacy! City police should arrest the DHS officials in charge of this “test” immediately! Who dreams up these irresponsible proposals?

    This “test” will endanger the lives and health of hundreds of thousands Americans to find out what we already know:
    1. Germs can spread from person to person in a subway system, and
    2. By the time the sensors pick something up (if they do), it is already too late.

    DHS will not be satisfied using only dead bacteria either – they will go live, and with more than 1 strain of live bacteria. Then they will say no way people could have gotten sick from their “dead” germs.

    10 or 20 years later the truth will come out, but by then the victims will all be dead, our DHS “heroes” will collecting a comfortable retirement, and the administration then in power will be giving the green light to repeat the experiment.

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