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Deputy Accused In Jack Yantis Killing Is An FBI-Trained Sniper, Was Previously Sued For Roughing Up 79-Year-Old: TIME TO NAME THE IDAHO SHERIFFS

Liberty Fight – by Martin Hill

I have a big problem with the fact that those two sheriffs in Idaho who killed rancher Jack Yantis remain anonymous on paid vacation under “police protection,’ as if the public at large are ‘dangerous, murderous maniacs’ who don’t value sacred human life – when in reality the exact opposite is true – this is exactly what Yantis’ killers are.

In case you’re not familiar with the case, here is a quick summary:  

62-year-old Idaho rancher Jack Yantis was having a peaceful dinner with his family on Sunday, November 1st when the local Sheriff’s dispatcher called to tell him that one of his bulls had been hit by a car and needed to be put down. Soon after he went to assist as requested, Yantis was shot to death on a dark roadside in front of his wife and nephew.

Rowdy Paradis, Jack’s nephew who was raised by Jack and Donna, witnessed the murder. On Facebook, Rowdy wrote: “Murdered in cold blood by trigger happy rookies gunned down at the end of his own driveway for trying to take care of his own livestock!!!!!! As their own dispatch had asked him to do I how they get the death penalty.”

Jack’s widow Donna, 63-years-old, gave this account of the incident from her hospital bed. (She had a heart attack upon seeing the police murder her husband.)

“On Nov. 1 at approximately 7 p.m. Adams County Sheriff’s Department called and told us there was a bull that got hit and they wanted us on the scene and he was mad. So we went down to check it out. I took Jack his gun so he could put the bull out of its misery. When he walked up there and was gonna put him down the officer came up and jerked him back almost off his feet. I don�t know what they told him, but they just opened fire and shot him. And then they threatened me and my nephew, Rowdy Paradis, threw us on the middle of Highway 95, searched us and handcuffed us and wouldn’t let us go take care of Jack.”

Jack Yantis’ daughter Sarah stood with her husband and children on the spot where her father was, as she put it, “brutally gunned down and murdered by the Adams County deputies.” She said:

“This is the exact spot where my dad Jack Yantis was brutally gunned down and murdered by the Adams County deputies. Though it has been washed twice, and it rained for a night and a day, his blood still remains here on the road. I believe this is where his blood is going to stay until he receives justice for the tragic and needless murder. My father did not receive any care, including medical care, prior to my arrival. And he was shot and left for dead like common roadkill. At the same time, the bull was left to suffer and bleed out inhumanely. When asked to put it down, they would not do it. While my father’s blood stains this pavement, the officers that murdered him are on paid leave. What has America come to? It’s no longer the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

Jack Yantis, Rest In Peace

While Adams County, Idaho Sheriff Ryan Zollman cries for TV cameras claiming that he and his family have received death threats, he refuses to name the perpetrators, who are on paid vacation and have 24-hour armed protection from police agencies.

Anyone in America accused of killing a police officer would have their name and photograph published immediately, worldwide. So why the double standard? We’re supposed to believe that just because someone wears a badge, they should remain anonymous after slaughtering an innocent man? That is insane, degraded nonsense, and LibertyFight.com puts a stop to it today. I have law enforcement on both sides of my family. Being a law enforcement officer comes with great perks as well as grave responsibilities: to enforce the law while respecting the God-given rights of the people. We do not need to treat them with kid gloves and offer them special privileges as if they are some sort of ‘pagan gods’ to be worshiped or idolized.

Adams County, Idaho Sheriff Ryan Zollman, while he refused to name the sheriffs involved, confirmed at the Council, ID town hall meeting several weeks ago that the names of the two deputies had already been published in social media.

Two separate sources in Council, Idaho have contacted LibertyFight.com and confirmed this information – and much more, so we are sharing it today.

LibertyFight.com does the job that the compromised, controlled corporate media refuses to do.

The first is Deputy Brian Wood. He is pictured to the left. There are more photos of him below. On September 9, 2013, Wood was switched to full time employment with the Adams County Sheriff’s office. Ironically, at that same meeting, Adams County Comissoner Mike Paradis, brother in law of Jack Yantis, proposed a raise for the deputies. [ records here.] Brian Wood is actually an FBI-trained SNIPER and an elected GOP Republican Party official!! More on that below.

In July 2011, when he worked as an officer for the McCall, Idaho Police Dept., Brian Wood was accused of roughing up a 79-year old man! Rodney T. Whaley filed a civil rights lawsuit over the incident, in which he claimed he was “forcefully seized by the arms and slammed to the hood of a police car, causing him to lose consciousness.” The Boise Weekly reported “Whaley was taken by ambulance to St. Luke’s Hospital in McCall and was later booked into the Valley County Jail for resisting and obstructing officers. The charges were later dismissed.” Despite initially demanding a jury trial, Wood and the city backed down and paid up. Wood left the department and the city paid out $14,500 to Whaley in order to settle the claim.

Information on the lawsuit can be found here: Whaley v. Wood et al
Filed: November 22, 2011 as Case Number: 1:2011cv00577
Defendant: Brian Wood , McCall Police Department , City of McCall and others
Plaintiff: Rodney T Whaley
Cause Of Action: Civil Rights
Court: Ninth Circuit Idaho – Idaho District Court
Type: Civil Rights – Other Civil Rights

Now on to his politics. Brian Wood. (pictured again at right) was elected as GOP ‘precinct committeeman’ on May 26, 2014 in Ada County, Idaho, for Precinct 2116. The official election results are here, the sample ballot with Wood’s name is here (towards the bottom right.) Wood won the election with a vote of 68-32, over ‘Freedom Foundation’ lobbyist Parrish Miller. The Idaho Statesman also reported on it. My source told me that Wood and his wife served on the Ada County GOP Central Committee in 2008, and that, get this, Wood was a big Ron Paul for president supporter. This is confirmed fact. The source in retrospect said they don’t know if Wood was a plant, sent in to spy on others.

Wood testified In an Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee hearing on January 11, 2008, advocating S1381, to allow students to carry concealed weapons on university campus The record states: “Brian Wood stated he is a firearms instructor and that he supports S1381. Mr. Wood said typically there are only two people in a crime, the criminal and the victim. Most criminals are deterred by the presence of law enforcement, they will either wait or go somewhere else. On college campuses students are basically ‘sitting ducks’. At the Appalachian Law School incident the students were carrying, but it was against school policy. The criminal was stopped by students who were armed. The law does not prohibit a student from carrying, the school policy prohibits it.” [here.]

Earlier this month, LibertyFight.com broke the story that the Adams County Sheriffs have received extensive training from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, (both online and in person classroom courses) and also took part in active shooter training drills paid for by DHS. Despite being outlined in multiple official Adams County records, Sheriff Ryan Zollman lied at a town hall meeting when he was asked about this, denying that his deputies were trained by DHS. LibertyFight.com contacted the sheriff to ask why he denied the admitted federal DHS training when it’s admitted extensively in official documents, but as