Deputy Shoots New Carlisle News Photographer

New Carlisle News – by Seth Gecko

New Carlisle News photographer Andy Grimm was shot by a Clark County deputy Monday evening.

Andy had left the office around 10:00 p.m. to take pictures of lightning.

There was a traffic stop on Main Street near Studebaker’s Restaurant involved, but Andy was not the subject of the stop.  

He had his camera and tripod in his hands and Deputy Jake Shaw apparently mistook it for a weapon and fired, striking Andy in the side.

He was rushed to Miami Valley Hospital for surgery. He is expected to recover from his wounds.

“I was going out to take pictures and I saw the traffic stop and I thought, ‘hey, cool. I’ll get some pictures here.'” He said he pulled into Studebaker’s parking lot in full view of the deputy, got out of his Jeep in full view of the deputy and started setting up his tripod and camera. “I turned around toward the cars and then ‘pop, pop,'”

Andy said the deputy gave him no warning. “I was just doing my job,” he said.

“I know Jake. I like Jake. I don’t want him to lose his job over this.”

andyThe Attorney General’s BCI division is investigating the incident, and we will update this story as soon as they release their findings.

Andy is well known in the area for his love of photography. The outpouring of love and affection for him on Facebook has been overwhelming.

Everyone at the New Carlisle News thanks you for your support.

8 thoughts on “Deputy Shoots New Carlisle News Photographer

  1. tomorrow cop kills woman getting out of car with mop in her hand ( he thought it was a rifle , pig gets a pass)
    the next day cop kills little Jr. because the pig thought he had a bomb on him when in the childs hands is a Tonka truck ( cop gets a pass because Jr. shouldn’t carry his Tonka Toy , it should be only on the ground)
    the following day cop shoots grandma because shes using a broom to get her cat out of the tree , (cop has no time for this shit so he shoots both the cat and the old lady )

    But , we’re not supposed to notice we are in the cross hairs of our own government ,,,.. every one of us
    and were also not supposed to be able to call this out, and change it .. because this is now the new rule of law …. the Quick and the Dead

    1. ES, Really funny commentary!
      We’re supposed to ignore all this and just accept this foolishness as “the way it is”.
      I expect retaliation that will catch the Knuckledraggers by surprise.

      1. I expect it to happen too, and they will cry to the moon when it does..and when it does happen that is when the boot of tyranny will stomp us with Martial Law

        and yet, I am dead serious about the new rule of law ..The Quick and the Dead

  2. And another cop walks free because “he feared for his life” from a photographer setting up his camera and tripod.

  3. “I know Jake. I like Jake. I don’t want him to lose his job over this.”

    No… we should just wait until he KILLS someone first, right, MORON???

    1. That Moron is probably doing the cops wife ,
      That’s the only reason why I could think that he doesn’t want him to lose his job

      Because otherwise it makes no sense

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