Detroit Cops Arrested For Robbing Drivers At Gunpoint

Wake Up America – by Susan Duclos

Two Detroit police officers have now been arrested for robbing unsuspecting drivers at gun point.

The first incident occurred at a Citgo gas station last Sunday, where the station clerk said two white men in a black Ford F-150 with police lights, pistol whipped customers pumping gas before stealing their cash and cell phones.  

In another instance a man says he was pulled over by three men in an unmarked Crown Victoria, who stole his wallet and CDs.

Two different reports went out of men posing as police officers with badges, bullet proof vests and guns, robbing drivers at gunpoint. Originally these robberies were suspected of being perpetrated by “fake cops” but turned out to be real cops driving a personal vehicle.

The arrests come after a tip and a photo forwarded to the police led them to identify one of the suspects as one of their own. One of the police officers arrested was a 17 year veteran cop from Saint Clair Shores.


8 thoughts on “Detroit Cops Arrested For Robbing Drivers At Gunpoint

  1. What is new here. They stole so much from truck drivers for years in stops that the Fed’s finally had to step in. And they see something on your property they want it is there’s Nothing new here.

  2. LEO robbing drivers??? Now ain’t that precious!…..they’ve been doing that since the day government gave them a gun & a badge!

  3. Cops have been doing this for many years. What are these cops going to be charged with, because it should be armed robbery and the off duty cops should also be charged woth impersoning a officer seing as how they were off duty and if they are off duty they are technically cops. I hope they make examples out of these cops because they get busted one time tells me that they have gotten away with what they have been doing many many times. Ya can bet that they have falseified police records and sold stolen property and drugs as well as other criminal activity that cops do.

  4. I guess this is what happens when your city declares bankruptcy and your police force is holding onto a thread. The only thing left is to steal in order to survive and supplement their lost income. Of course cops do this all the time and given the city that this happened in, it doesn’t surprise me.

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