DHS Illegally Testing Facial Recognition Scans on Americans

The Federalist Papers – by Kimberly Morin

Because being molested by the most useless federal organization in the United States isn’t enough when you fly anywhere in the United States, the federal government now wants to infringe upon your privacy even further.

The Department of Homeland Security is now working with some airlines (probably coercively) to use facial recognition scanning so they can keep track of regular, innocent Americans who may fly out of the country. They used to only use this type of technology at an attempt to track people who may overstay their visas and possibly even suspected terrorists but apparently Americans are on the menu now as well, according to Slate:  

…in June of last year, without congressional authorization, and without consulting the public, the Department of Homeland Security started scanning the faces of Americans leaving the country, too.

For certain international flights from Atlanta and New York, DHS has partnered with Delta to bring mandatory face recognition scans to the boarding gate. The Delta system checks a passenger is supposed to be on the plane by comparing her face, captured by a kiosk at the boarding gate, to passenger manifest photos from State Department databases. It also checks passengers’ citizenship or immigration status. Meanwhile, in Boston, DHS has partnered with JetBlue to roll out a voluntary face recognition system for travelers flying to Aruba. In JetBlue’s case, you can actually get your face scanned instead of using a physical ticket.

While these systems differ in details, they have two things in common. First, they are laying the groundwork for a much broader, mandatory deployment of Biometric Exit across the country. Second, they scan the faces of everyone—including American citizens. 

It’s bad enough law-abiding citizens are treated like criminals every time they want to fly. It’s bad enough the TSA has done NOT ONE THING to stop ANY act of terrorism since its failed inception. It’s bad enough they refuse to PROFILE because they’d rather be politically correct and feel up Grandma and toddlers instead.

NOW they are going to scan our faces as well? What are they going to be doing with this information they are collecting?

Big Brother is taking a bigger chunk of our freedom away. The question is – will anyone in that God forsaken swamp in D.C. fight against it?

The Federalist Papers

2 thoughts on “DHS Illegally Testing Facial Recognition Scans on Americans

  1. “The question is – will anyone in that God forsaken swamp in D.C. fight against it?”

    One can only assume that’s purely rhetorical question.

  2. sorry, this has nothing to do with this article but if Johnny Depp wants to assassinate Trump I can only hope it’s a suicide bomb that will surely prevent two more of too many phony acts. In other words… I guess that statement needs no other words.

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