DHS is paying college students to create extremist propaganda games and videos


According to EdVenture Partners, college students are being paid to create DHS propaganda videos, games and much more.

University students develop and execute campaigns and social media strategies against extremism that are credible,authentic, and believable to their peers and resonate within their communities in partnership with Homeland Security.”

Two weeks ago, the University of Maryland won this year’s DHS competition by creating a video game and social media campaign that ‘helps’ people recognize radicalization.  

Helps, doesn’t begin to describe what DHS is doing.

College students make DHS propaganda educational tool-kits, apps, etc.

Students, at twenty three universities are being paid $2,000 to make DHS propaganda “mobile apps, cultural activities, videos, campus movements, social campaigns, websites, viral videos, blogs, education tool-kits”.

“The winning school is awarded a $5,000 scholarship. To date, about 50–75 schools participate in the DHS competition each year.”

This is horrifying, DHS is paying colleges to create propaganda yearly.

DHS and the University of Maryland’s (UMD) want students to become participants in their ‘It Takes Just One’ propaganda movement.

“They want to teach you how to recognize the signs of radicalization, how to properly take action, and how to inspire others to take action as well.”

By action, they mean report them to law enforcement and ultimately Fusion Centers.

UMD’s propaganda game claims alt-right people must be dealt with

DHS’s  UMD’s ‘Operation Genovese’ game, gives players a choice between an ‘alt-right’ man and an Islamic woman who has been radicalized by ISIS. The game claims, both of their views and anti-social behavior are an issue. The game says, that both of them MUST be deradiclized or stopped. 

The game also claims, they will harm themselves or others unless they’re dealt with. 

UMD’s game and ‘movement’ are designed to keep fear alive and report people based on their ideology.

“The primary objective of It Takes Just One is to provide a platform for people who have witnessed or may witness his/her loved ones radicalize towards violent extremism.” 

UMD claims, people should share their stories (report) as in ‘See Something, Say Something’ “even if it is not specific to countering violent extremism.” You know, so law enforcement can target innocent people.

DHS and colleges working together to create propaganda and encourage people to spy on everyone is a mirror image of nationalism and communism (Click here & here, to see how they took over education.)


One thought on “DHS is paying college students to create extremist propaganda games and videos

  1. “UMD’s game and ‘movement’ are designed to keep fear alive and report people based on their ideology.”

    Reinforcement of MSM news’ fearmongering.

    The ‘see something, say something’ commie pukes will be one of the greatest dangers we face. There are way more of them than pigs.

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