DHS Solicits For More Various Caliber Ammunition

DHSSFreedom Outpost – by Tim Brown

Ammunition is in short supply. The demand has increased dramatically which takes its toll on the market. However, the Department of Homeland Security doesn’t seem to be affected by the demand at all. In fact, it’s got over $37 million of tax payer money to spend on brass and lead for fiscal year 2013 and it’s soliciting again for nearly 90,000 round in various calibers. This is in addition to their own claims of having more than 260 million rounds of ammunition back in November 2012.  

According to the solicitation (HSFLAR-13-Q-00019), DHS is ordering ammunition in .45 long Colts, .45 ACP, .22LR, 30-30, 12 gauge shotgun shells, 410 gauge shotgun shells, .357, and 7.69x39mm. That’s quite a spread for DHS.

The solicitation lays out the quantities for each of the calibers ordered:

.45 Long Colt – 4,000 rounds

45 ACP – 20,000 rounds

22LR – 40,000 rounds

30-30 – 4,680 rounds

12 Gauge #8 birdshot – 20,000

410 Gauge #9 – 10,000

.357 Magnum – 6,000

7.69x39mm – 5,000

Granted, the number of ammunition is down considerably on this order, but it is going out to Artesia, New Mexico, the same as the last order of 360,000 .40 caliber hollow points. The previous month that particular training center got 240,000 hollow points.

I previously took DHS’ own claims about inventory comparing them with their previous three fiscal year’s purchases and concluded that they are carrying over ammunition from year to year, though they claim they are not maintaining ammunition. All I can say is that the numbers don’t add up to their claims.

It is widely known that Federal agencies do hide things in their budgets. We can all recall the Iran / Contra issue. We can remember various things hidden by Nixon, Johnson, and others. No doubt there is lots of things the public doesn’t know about where their tax dollars go that if known, might actually lead to a march on Washington and a lynching on Capitol Hill. Those things are kept secret. Am I saying DHS is doing this? I’m not, but I am saying that they have “fuzzy math” and by having fuzzy math, they are proving themselves to be untrustworthy.

Again, these are small numbers of ammunition in the big scheme of things, but the fact that they continue to solicit, even when we were told their solicitations that were in the billions were to span over five years seems a bit contradictory. I’ve sent my findings from my previous article To Fox 19′s Ben Swann in hopes that he will be able to dig further and help shine the light on what is actually taking place with DHS and ammunition. There should be nothing to hide here. After all the man that DHS ultimately reports to said, “The only people that don’t want to disclose the truth, are people with something to hide.”

Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/03/dhs-solicits-for-more-various-caliber-ammunition/#ixzz2P1zqoZeh

8 thoughts on “DHS Solicits For More Various Caliber Ammunition

  1. They can order all the bullets they want to. Ordering and receiving them are two different things, and I’m hearing from retailers that civilians are emptying the shelves as soon as any ammo arrives in the stores.

    It’s a lot better to have two rifles with one bullet in each, then one rifle with two bullets, and if enough people leave their houses armed when the times comes, we’ll only need one bullet each.

    They’re so ridiculously outnumbered that all the bullets in the world aren’t going to make a difference, because after day one, they’ll probably have no one left to fire them.

    Grab all the ammo you can (It’s a good investment), don’t waste any of it, and be ready to meet these fools if they’re ever stupid enough to arrive.

  2. .410 shells?
    .45 ACP?
    Now it’s clear that the bulldike with the boy haircut at DHS is trying to screw up delivery of ammo to the public.
    If only these ammo manufacturers would ignore the government contracts & fulfill the US public first…

  3. since we are expected to keep israhell supplied with weapons then it wouldn’t be too big of a stretch to fund weapons and ammo for the chosen ones living here in the US. after all they are our rulers!

  4. DHS is a Lie against the good people of this country and it should properly be called DZS as it has everything to do with protecting Zionists and absolutely nothing to do with protecting the Homeland.

  5. There is only one reason why DHS would be buying so many different calibers of ammunition. Think about it. Every manufacturer or distributor who responds to this solicitation puts themselves on government record as being one of the suppliers of ammunition. When the SHTF do you suppose the DHS is going to try to cut off the ammo supply? If you have the capability to supply to the DHS, you have the capability to supply to forces of resistance.

    Anything that goes bang will be nationalized at the outset. If you sell or if you buy, if you radiate (as in transmit), if you fight back… What you gonna do, when they come for you?

  6. I do believe they’re attempting to limit the availability of ammo for the patriots in this country.

    I also believe they stuck their finger in the dyke WAY too late.

    We shall see.

  7. Why are American cartridge makers selling to the government.
    There is no profit in selling such to the government. They would make significantly more selling to the public.

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