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Dick Cheney Signs a Waterboarding Kit in a New Promo for Sacha Baron Cohen’s Showtime Show


Well, in case you were wondering if Sacha Baron Cohen’s still got it, the comedian’s new Trump-skewering Showtime series, which appears to be titled Who Is America?just dropped a new promo in which his (still as-yet unseen) journalist character asks former vice-president Dick Cheney to sign a waterboarding kit, which Cheney does with a smile.

Now why, in this year of our Lord, in this time in American politics, after more than two decades of faux political comedy shows humiliating their interviewees, would Dick Cheney agree to jokingly sign a waterboard kit in front of a television camera? 

The answer would seem to be Cohen’s unflagging ability as an interviewer. That, and the fact Dick Cheney has continued to be a vocal proponent of waterboarding, so why not have some goof-around fun with it? Wa wa wee wa, indeed. According to the show’s extremely vague previously released promoWho Is America? seems to be dropping on July 15.



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6 Responses to Dick Cheney Signs a Waterboarding Kit in a New Promo for Sacha Baron Cohen’s Showtime Show

  1. galen says:

    The slime of politics and the slime of Hollywood, mating in a Jew wet-dream, serving up some “good fun,” while trivializing and upholding torture.


  2. Koyote says:

    Cheney will drown in his own blood.

  3. Martist says:

    Who could possibly be more qualified to bring you the “comedic” highlights of what this infiltrated govt has done, representing US as torturers and murderers, other than the joo. Infuriating.

  4. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    How many millions have the American National had to cough up to keep this POS alive?

  5. flee ( aka Mr. Turd ) says:


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