Disagreement between various terrorist groups provokes mass human sacrifice in Idlib

For the past week, a number of towns and settlements in Idlib province including Saraqib, Qasabiya and Abdin were actively shelled by the various terrorist groups, competing for the influence and power in the region. The local activists say, dozens of civilians, among them women and children were killed or badly wounded. Unfortunately, similar reports are coming from Idlib de-escalation zone regularly.  

Another group of the locals suffered much in the attack on Bdama city, located in Western Idlib when a motorbike exploded in the town square during a rally against brutalities and violence of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, Jaish al-Izza, National Liberation Front (NLF) and other pro-Turkish puppets.

To be mentioned, Jaysh al-Izza has recently released video footage showing the destruction of alleged HTS’s pickup carrying a TOW ATGM items.

Besides, according to Reuters, the Islamists carried out two terrorist attacks in the centre of Idlib on February 18, 2019. The first bomb was planted in a car parked on a central street. The second one was hidden in a trailer and detonated a few minutes after the first device.

Fifteen civilians have become victims of the terrorist attack. Most of the dead and injured are employees of civil services who have arrived at the site of the incident after the first explosion.

Highly mentioned incidents point out that internal conflicts among the jihadists are still going on in Idlib. The media, affiliated the terrorists announced the death of Jaysh al-Izza field commander.

It’s also noticed that panic and controversy increased among NLF members. Militants started to distrust their commanders, especially when all the captured positions and territories had been returned to HTS in accordance with peace agreement. After these events, the major part of the radicals established cooperation with the leaders of the “Salvation Government”. They are transmitting information of their group’s movements, tasks, and missions hoping for a better life. However, this state of affairs aggravates the situation in the province and creates favourable conditions for radical groups like Wadi Khaled involved in crimes and robberies against the locals.

All this not only creates the prerequisites for genocide against the population of Idlib but also contributes much to the implementation of HTS militant’s punitive actions against those who disagree with the rules and methods of the radicals and the “Salvation Government”.

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