Discordian Nihilists Torch Pacific Northwest

Winter Watch – by Russ Winter

Brush and forest fires are raging all over the Pacific Northwest and northern California. The Washington State Dept. of Natural Resources attributes thirty to arson to date. These are not wilderness fires or wildfires, but are being set near and in towns on or close to the I-5 corridor.

As we have reported before on these pages, large numbers of the criminally mentally ill have been deliberately released from prisons and jails under the pretense of Covid-1984. These fires are an extension of Winter’s Razor, namely that normal people don’t burn buildings or set fires to dry brush. 

Accordingly we are characterizing this as the zombie apocalypse with fires set by mentally disturbed, brainwashed, or even MK (Mind Kontrol) discordians of various stripes including antifa and meth heads. As you read through the incidents ask yourself if this is organic or because of “climate change.” No, it is organized by discordians and satanists/Nihilists.

Here 5th Columnist Governor Newsom of California drips with glee and duping delight as he promotes the climate change sophistry.


90% of the fires erupting are in close proximity to residential areas. Law enforcement is scoring some success apprehending the culprits.


According to IQAir, an air quality monitoring website that ranks air pollution internationally, Portland had the worst air quality Friday with an air quality index of 204 as of noon Pacific Time. Seattle had the second worst with an air quality index of 193 as of noon Pacific Time.

Read the rest and see the videos here: https://www.winterwatch.net/2020/09/discordian-nihilists-torch-pacific-northwest/

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