Discrepancies between the shooter and the cameraman’s perspective.

I believe there are discrepancies between the shooter and the cameraman’s perspective.

Starting with the cameraman’s recording.  

First of all, the supposed shooter had not yet passed the coil in the extension cord, disagreeing with the shooter’s perspective video.

Second, if it was real, surely someone saw him walking towards them, especially the lady being interviewed, again disagreeing as the shooter’s view showed that he was directly across from the reporter.

And third, the camera just happened to fall in a way that we get a glimpse of the suspect, unrealistic too.

Now for the shooter’s recording.

First of all, the shooter was behind the cameraman, a few feet from the reporter.
Second, the shooter was at a stand still as he began shooting.

And third, at that range, approximately 2-3 feet away, odds are at least one if not more bullets hit her before she turned to run.

What do other people think? Do they see what I saw?


15 thoughts on “Discrepancies between the shooter and the cameraman’s perspective.

  1. Are you telling me that you don’t believe what the mainstream news has reported?
    …Abigail, I think you are a conspiracy theorist. 🙂

  2. I have to admit, at least the media is getting better at spinning.

    His manifesto says he is gay, legally bought a gun and the tipping point was the church shootings regarding race. He also said that black men beat him up, they bullied him at work and can’t remember the rest but boy did they cover just about everything.

    He carried a camera to film this event (how convenient), that way it comes across as more real and if that were the case, why stop filming?

    If he posted on Facebook then obviously he must have been calm right? So why stop filming?

    1. Sharon, I posted the first comment on the original article. That was my 1st comment….Katie said that too.

      He sure looked white to me…

  3. It was so kind of the handlers to equip him with a camera and give us that “shock and awe” of it all but yet he wants to leave the world in “peace.” This whole story reeks of psyop.

  4. I guess the odd thing to me is the camera going black, however the sound continues. At some point it goes black and the camera never moves to regain any veiw. I heard gunshots, l seen her run, I heard screams but didn’t see anyone hit the ground or no blood. This could be easily done cheaper than a independent middle schoolers short film. No special effects needed because it shows nothing evident.

  5. Hey #1, it’s “a wrap” alright, with bowtie and sprinkles, all “gift-wrapped” for the gun-grabbers. What do they say? Who benefits?

    1. Here’s at least ONE ‘beneficiary’, Millard…


      It’s a LONG list after that.

  6. Sorry for my lack of knowledge on this as I can not follow all the bs 24/7.
    The first report I heard was three shots were fired, the camera man and the reporter were killed.
    If the shots were coming from behind the camera man they would have been much louder and I heard at least nine. The ballistic sound on this video, would indicate that these rounds were fired from over one hundred yards away.
    What was his weapon of choice?
    This post says “shooters recordings” (as if he was going go pro), which has been taken of de tube.
    I may be dumb but i am not stupid
    so much disinformation and hitlery interns making a tweet.
    god help us all!

  7. You are shown only what is ordered for you to see.
    Do not forget, there is a several second delay from live action to broadcast, just so’s they can edit if need be.

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