Disney ‘Andi Mack’ Series Has First Gay Jewish Character Played by Jewish Actor

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On Friday Cyrus Goodman, a jewish teenager in the series “Andi Mack” played by jewish actor Joshua Rush, became the first Disney Channel character to utter the words; ‘I’m gay’ in an episode:  

The decision to include a gay story arc earlier in season two is also a first for the network.

‘Every day is a blessing working on this show,’ Rush tweeted along with the clip of the scene. ‘This milestone is just another stitch in a rich and vibrant tapestry that is Cyrus Goodman. ‘

On Friday’s episode, titled One in a Minyan, the show’s lead characters were seen attending the shiva of Goodman’s grandmother, Bubbe Rose.

…While walking around the table and naming a few of the dishes, Goodman turned to Jonah Beck and uttered the words: ‘I’m Gay,’ without hesitation.

After a couple of seconds of silence, Beck offered up a smile and replied, ‘Yeah? Cool.’

From there, the scene just rolled on, seamlessly, in order to make the revelation seem as normal as any other conversation between friends.

…’I think Andi Mack is so amazing, not only because it is diverse, because it makes diversity normal,’ Rush revealed with passion during an interview with co-host Michael Strahan. ‘Cyrus happens to be Jewish; he happens to be gay. And those are just facets of his own personality.’

He went on to point out that he’s proud of how his character’s story was shown to be real and valid.

‘So any kid watching can turn on the TV and see Andi Mack and see a story that they understand that they can go, oh yea that’s me.’

The Jews had wanted to take over Walt Disney’s entertainment empire for years, and in the 1980s, a group of wealthy Jews, headed by Saul Steinberg, wrestled control of it in a hostile takeover.  The Steinberg Group brought in the openly homosexual Jew Michael Eisner to run the new Disney Studios.  And ever since then, Disney has promoted all kinds of degeneracy to America’s children, so it should come as no surprise that they’ve finally gotten around to having a child proclaiming he’s “gay” in one of their shows.

The character Cyrus Goodman is jewish.  The actor who plays him, Joshua Rush, is jewish.  The Disney writer Jonathan Hurwitzh upon whose life the character is allegedly based is jewish.  Disney itself is jewish.  Now, we don’t want to jump to any antisemitic conspiracy theories, but there seems to be a pattern developing here that’s hard to ignore.  Why are Jews so fascinated by homosexual children?  Why do they feel it’s appropriate to have openly “gay” characters in children’s shows?  When will Disney reveal their first character who is a pedophile?

Right of the Right

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  1. hollyweird AND disney have been infected by commie-kike parasites from the BEGINNING. After all, it was they who created this monster. aldous huxley helped the infiltration and had many dealings with disney as well as hollyweird. Hell, he even got paid for his efforts.

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