I’m seeing a bigger problem today than I have ever witnessed in my life.

I’m seeing more distrust in government, the police, the military, politicians, just people on the street, and in some cases ourselves.

If we lose trust with everyone then who are we to turn to in times of need?

If as everyone suspects we are looking at a major catastrophic event, then who do we rely on to get help?

Trust in someone is a very difficult thing to achieve without knowing someone for some time and earning that trust.  As we connect with others on the internet and personal contact we can, in personal contact, sometimes gain that trust but what of the ones we find on the internet? Can they be trusted? Can you feel good about who they are by reading their comments. One never knows till you can meet and speak face to face.

There is so much deceit and disinformation being posted and spread around that it can be a full time job to just sift through it all to try and make any sense of it all.  It seems as I get older I lose the ability to trust what I read and have less trust in what I see.

As a boy I trusted those that tried to teach me and believed them when they said that what they were telling me was true only to find when I’ve gotten older that not all that was taught was as true as I would have liked it to be. I’m now going to the school of the internet and even though it’s free it’s a far more difficult course than I expected it to be. The homework is immense and the time spent is astronomical.

Somewhere along this road we as a people have to learn to trust one another at some point to be able to survive what is coming in the future, if we don’t then our future is going to be bleak. I have great hope that the people that I have spoke with and have made comments with will be able to come together and be able to talk face to face without having to be in a conflict to do that.

I hope that someday we can live together in a free land where trust comes from just a smile and a handshake and ones word is his bond as it was in the past.  As hard as it may be we have to relearn to trust again.

14 thoughts on “Distrust

  1. lol I can see you probably got some of your inspiration for this piece by my comment that I made earlier about my distrust of some people in the military. I agree with you. It is getting harder to trust people and maybe that’s what the elite want. But I still feel that until the military kicks out our government, I don’t trust too many of them. They need to start doing their jobs and fulfilling their oaths as defenders of freedom and liberty and protect the people of their own country and not someone else’s and also, just as importantly, not joining the very people we are suppose to be fighting against.

    1. You can tell by my handle that I am still searching for the honest man. The military is not the only ones that swear an oath to serve, protect and defend so help me God. If you can’t trust the leadership and you can’t trust military, the only ones you CAN trust are those who live in your community. You know where they live and they are vulnerable, accountable and elected at the local level. Only local government and peace-keeping can be trusted because they are the only ones who don’t speak with teleprompters. Disband the Federal government and the military. They are broken beyond repair.

      1. DG,
        Local government and especially the cops and courts can be extremely crooked also. These people swear oaths, too. I only trust family, friends, and some of my neighbors. The promotion of being an informer is sickening, because even innocent activity can lead to harassment.
        I think it will take some extreme hardship to restore trust within communities. Be well, Rob

  2. No NC i’ve been seeing this for awhile and just decided to write this.I agree with you about the military fulfilling their oath but i’m not sure at this point i want the upper brass running anything let alone this country.And your right it’s exactly what the elite want,distrust leaves people feeling alone and afraid to get together.If you are afraid to trust people then they think you can’t make plans against them.What a bunch of dumba$$es they are.

    1. RedHorse….Dude…I’m not so sure how old you are…but if you are younger than myself (52)…then there has not been a moment in your life where the governments that you’ve lived under have told you the truth…yet we are raised with this “the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth” crap… I don’t mean to speak for everyone my age…but my parents were lying, drunken corrupt law enforcement folks! Dad was a six-nine, 350lb drunk cop and my Mom, the court-clerk…embezzled thousands from the ticket fund…I went to work for the Department of Defense and within a year I was a “Federally Protected Whistle-Blower”…and I watched/fought for over twenty years as the corruption continued to rise up to the neck….and now…look at the whole corrupt mess…and yet..we are supposed to trust….oh, yes…I forgot the two divorces…from women I cared for and took care of…never yelled, screamed, belittled….yet, they broke my life up twice and took my kids…..trust…sure…but…when and where have we seen it in our life?
      In fact, I’m amazed that there is still so much trust…misplaced as it is, especially in government….we should be hanging some of these people after we convict them…not trusting them…btw..the internet helps to dispel the trust….ha!


      RJ O’Guillory
      Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

      1. I may be bold but only delusional people trust in anybody these days. People are binded together ultimately by need or want and after bonding together for a time trust begins to form like a fossil beneath a rock but trust is easy to smear and destroy and people may have a moment of weakness that may ruin it.

        When things go to heck people will turn on each other and eat each other alive and family may be the first as they are the closest to you and you would never expect it.

        My father identity thefted me and put all sorts of shit on my credit in my name and left me to blame for it after writing a bad check in my name for an account I never opened at a bank so pardon me if I sound like a cynical bastard but reality is how it is.

  3. here’s a REAL short list of the ones i don’t trust & never did
    Supreme court(100000%)
    Federal reserve(10000000000000%)
    Main stream Media
    President’s(100% Born to LIE & Be Israel’s bitch)
    Congress(100% Born to be Israel’s bitch)
    senate(100000000% Born to suck Kosher cock)
    Judges(1000000%Born to suck Kosher cock)
    County Sheriff’s
    Cab drivers
    A/C repair tech’s
    Air Force
    American built cars
    American built products(If Any)
    United Nations
    Human Rights Watch
    Star bucks (Four Bucks)
    Best Buy
    Radio shack
    Taco bell
    Mc Donald’s(I’m Lovin it)
    Burger King
    Butcher shops
    K, that’s just a short list. The bottom line here is, I TRUST NONE OF YOU SON SUM BITCHES..STAY THE F_CK away from me & I’ll be just fine!

    1. No doubt Stendec, there is a reason they are building those FEMA camps and prisons. They are getting ready for when everyone turns on everyone, we should all be turning on the govt.- they are the untrust worthy ones if there ever was untrustworthy ones from the pres. on down to the meeter maid and all in between.

  4. One bigg trapp is the constant hammering of news, mainly bad news, what must be done, or atleast tried to do, is present solutions, other options.

    I have stated earlier, that the solutins are infact mindboggeling(hehe) simple, belive me you dont need to be a rocket ingeneur, to figure this out, end the FeDs insane policy, redraw the Armed forces to strick defencive modus, reduce it to 25% cappacaty(you are still mutch bigger than anyone alse so far in our universe), and the USA wil runn in surpluss within just a few years, or even imidiatly.

    They know it, but the people are not aware of it.
    What we are witnesing is a society out of equelibrium, a religious belife in a perpetual growth, a never ending upward motion without limits.
    Thats nothing more or less than Madness, no rational creatur can agree on something so insane, exept maybe a Canser cell/Ebola.
    The boom and Burst, servs only one agenda, the banks, and so far, they are getting every thing they point their fingers on.

    But even wurse is the real bad feeling I gett, regarding the poeple of the American continent, and specaly the USA.
    This is just the begining, some years ago, this was not in the making, all the laws that is nesesery to instal a dictatorial regim is in place, I just wait for the next move, and right now, its strangly quiet.
    I pray its not the eye of the storm passing.

    Just a notise, and one from a Russian General, (1945-2009)
    And this is infact whats happening, first the Sovjet and now you.


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