4 thoughts on “DISTURBING! Pfizer Vaccine Zoomed w Microscope! Are Living Cells Organisms Mixed In!

  1. I’m seeing several articles today stating “millions of Americans” are skipping second dose of covid vax. They say that the main reason for this is that those people feel that the first shot was enough and will take care of the risk. BS!! No mention that maybe these people saw what happened to so many healthy people and are now refusing to take more poison.

    Seems the poisoners now have their hands full. Their scheme is falling apart. Also reported is that more and more vax centers are closing due to little or no turn-out. Are we out-smarting them?


    1. Short answer, yes Galen, we are..Most of these traitors know whats up, but kiss Jew ass anyway, but then they read our site and say to themselves, “These guys are doing what Im scared too death to do, fight back”

      And they start to “GET IT”, and get off they’re chickin shit ass.

      I was just talking to Henry about this very topic, alot of big ass muscle out there.

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