Dittos Rush and the Pimping of the Cause of Liberty

To call what is happening to our beloved Republic anything less than a tragedy would be nothing short of denial.  Here at From the Trenches, we work tirelessly at getting out the information necessary to evaluate the situation and formulate solutions.  We have always promoted other patriot sites as we would have every voice of every true patriot heard by every other patriot.  In our attempt to keep this site pure to its intent, the purity itself has become a problem.  Like anything else in this country, if there is something pure there arises a group of pimps who would whore it for material profit.

The following is a series of comments and emails chronicling one such situation:  

The patriot, Paraclete, sent us a link to a Before It’s News article.  We followed it to its source and here is what we found:  http://dittosrush.blogspot.com/2013/08/war-on-horizon-dedicated-to-end-of.html

The last paragraph of this article states:

“Mainstream media, you have the responsibility to share a story the public has the right to hear. Their very lives may depend on you!”

We have been trying vigilantly to counter the attempt to divide us by race and have rejected many articles on that subject.  But due to the content of the article and what appeared to be a plea to get it out, we published the article, and here is what we got for our trouble.

We found this comment pending on the article when we started work this morning:

Greetings. I appreciate your link to my original story. However, I would request that next time you post only a portion of the story as an incentive to visit the original source? Thanks, James.

So we removed the article as our purpose here is to read articles here in their entirety and discuss them in an effort to come to the truth.  Note: a link to the original article at Dittos Rush was posted at the beginning and the end of the article, as we do with every article we post.

Fifteen minutes after we removed the article, we received this email from James Richardson:

Please stop using RSS feeds without permission. I welcome a link to stories at http://dittosrush.blogspot.com/ but please be responsible and respectful of original material and post a portion of the story as an incentive to visit the original source, NOT THE WHOLE DAMN THING. I have shortened my RSS feed in order to disable this function in the future. 



I responded:


Your article has been removed after we saw your first complaint via the comment.  The only reason we put your article up was because you stated at the end that you were desperate to get it out.  I will guarantee you that not so much as one word from your site will ever again be posted on From the Trenches or any other patriot site I am affiliated with, as you are doing this for all the wrong reasons and we do not need people like you to the smallest degree.


To which James responded:


I’m sorry, I thought I was interacting with a responsible organization and not one that gets offended when they themselves cannot follow simple instructions. Any credible news organization does not simply copy and paste entire articles, they quote a portion of the story and link to it.

Have a little decency and honesty and never DISS your sources. Stupid thing to do. 

Since you chose to personally attack me, it is clear where your heart is. You need to rethink your life.

I then responded:


This is not a business/news organization.  We are US national patriots in the service of our Republic and parasites like you, seeking to capitalize on this miserable situation are being identified for what you are.  We are here for the spread of the information.  I myself have written over a thousand articles since I started doing this and I have encouraged everyone to post them in their entirety at will, and they have been reposted, sometimes without a link back or even my name on them.  You know what?  I don’t care.

This is a life and death struggle, you ignorant son of a bitch.  We are not here for fame and fortune.  We serve the Republic, so take your business venture somewhere else, you f#@king vulture.

And yes, I am spreading the truth of your intent to every American national and patriot across this country.


James then replied:

Henry, you are so full of it. If you are concerned about “spreading the truth”, then why would you get hung up about a simple request to quote a portion of a source and then link to the entirety of it at its source? Your obvious hate for a perfect stranger who is also fighting for the cause of freedom is quite chilling. True American patriots do not act this way. You’re starting to make “War on the horizon” sound like the lesser of two evils. Grow up and for Gods sake, stop plagiarizing!



The definition of plagiarism is to put your name on someone else’s work and sell it as your own.  There has arisen out there a cabal of professional journalists who can find no demand for their work within the ever deteriorating mainstream, so they look out here on the net and they see our struggle and see it as nothing more than something they can capitalize on by writing articles for profit and they hate the Fair Use Act, which is the law.

Under the Fair Use Act, we here at From the Trenches can take anything that has been put out in the public domain and publish it so long as we identify and give credit to the site and the author.  In fact we have the right under the 1st Article of our Bill of Rights to discuss on our site any assertion put on the net for public consumption.  The product of our unfolding reality is not a fictional creation in a reporter’s mind, and if any slant or opinion is asserted, it is open to be countered or agreed with.

The fact is, we can publish copyright material if we choose, so long as we put quotation marks around the entirety of the body of the work and site the copyright.  And that even goes for fiction publications, like books.

These information pimps calling themselves journalists are trying to counter the Fair Use Act by creating a notion of journalistic correctness, to be used just like political correctness, to gain control over free speech, again, for profit.  And just like political correctness, these parasites would seek to make their unconstitutional control of living reality law.  Instead of hate crimes, they seek a criminal status for repeating what one has said in public.  And they do so because they wish to profit from the misery.  As a part of their effort they stifle the free flow of information.

They are not patriots.  They are information pimps.  When this Republic is restored, From the Trenches World Report will be retired to its archives as a historical record of our struggle here in the Trenches for our freedom and liberty.

As you, our progeny, read these words, we call on you to use the technology at hand to dig into the history and find out who the profiteers were and make sure that if any of the wealth has been carried forth to the progeny of these pimps, to dispossess them of it and let your generation know who these past pimps were that their progeny may endure that shame.

From the Trenches is regularly contacted by authors who have their own sites and want their words to be heard and discussed here on our forum.  They, like we, are trying to get the message out for the sake of the message.  To add credence to this statement, here is an email we received this morning from a patriot.  You should be able to easily discern the difference between the patriot and the pimp.

Hi Henry,

If you have a spot, can you please post my article.

Thank you for your time and consideration, as well as all your past support.

Keep up the great work!

Hope you’re having a good summer.

Best Regards,


You will find this article published in its entirety here on From the Trenches open for discussion.  http://www.fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/u-s-economic-hegemony-consolidation-and-deepening-of-the-pacific-alliance-trade-bloc/54892

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

Notice: Feel free to republish this article in its entirety at will.

38 thoughts on “Dittos Rush and the Pimping of the Cause of Liberty

  1. Yes Henry, if a article is good enough to post then it should be posted in its entirety. Why do people think that a article is good enough to post when they got to discard parts of the article and only use quotes from articles and not use the full article……….. Keep up the great work Laura and Henry. You are wakeing up a lot of people that need to be woke up and the best part is is that you guys are doing it honestly with no BS or sugar coating the facts, and that is what realy counts and that – I think – makes the difference.

    1. 🙂 Well said Digger! Agree 100%
      Thank you Henry and Admin for all of your work, time & effort in everything you do!
      You are most appreciated!
      My best

        1. Good to be back 🙂
          Bday day/week is always funky for me? (Glad it’s past) Think a bit worse (1st w/o Mom) this year, but gettin’ me back lol!
          Yep still sending prayers and blessings to Angel and Family, hoping back soon 🙂

  2. Henry!!
    This is fantastic to see….you, your assistants (if any), your site…all standing up for our land in a truthful, not hidden manner….You are doing the correct thing….honest information to the public, is the only way to perhaps, stave off a complete meltdown of our US….
    Should that meltdown happen, I suspect it will be the most horror ever witnessed by most now alive in the uS…I do believe, it can be avoided…by all those whom follow your lead….in putting honest information out there, TRUTH….as best one can come to it at the moment….
    I have said to you before but will say it now again for the benefit of readers. I was an involuntary servitude….draftee…..into viet nam….1969
    I don’t want to ever see that madness again, anywhere…..here included:
    my best regards to you…..Robert Beason US56639487 Army Vet…Nam 1969

  3. Henry, you nailed that one right on the head! Parasites like James are only interested in gaining fame and/or fortune at the expense of the American people. Calling a spade a spade is more than fair, it’s a necessary part of getting our Republic restored.

  4. I’m SO GLAD to see that being PC is NOT alive and well on From the Trenches! Restoring our republic is the most important thing to the American nationals at this time, and we don’t need “no stinkin’ wussies” here!! Bravo Henry and Laura, keep on keepin’ on! Honesty and outrightness is what drew me to your site, and I love it here!

    Robert Beason US56639487….army, Nam 1969….exactly who I am..

  6. Here Here – Henry, for what it’s worth: I think you’re on the right track and do appreciate your work – and to rbeason: your serial no# is just a touch lower than mine – appearently we were in at the same time – Nam 11/68 – 4/69 slow duckers short tour

  7. I have said before that this is the best site to find and read information pertaining to our lives both in North America and the World.

    I admire the integrity of this site..

  8. to STFB..i was in country, Nam,1-69…….6-69 then straight to Pusan Korea to do what amounted to 13 months straight overseas……..i did not get shot up!
    so, can’t call it a slow duckers short tour……..for me
    God……..was a long time ago uh….
    Sadly, only the names of the wars changed.since then!
    only the names of the dead changed….on both sides…
    Since then.
    And its up to you and others like us to get after this……MONEY….madness, and demand it end…
    The most highly decoraded uS Marine in our history……is correct. He said!
    War is a racket…
    you and I know that……..1st hand…….
    best to you
    Robert Beason US56639487…….Nam Army 1969..

  9. Henry, I’m an English graduate and even I know what plagiarism means and James’ version is definitely not it. But what do you expect from our education system these days? These people need to be re-taught, starting from the 8th grade, if not earlier. Makes me wonder if they even know how to write in cursive anymore.

    I’d be more than happy to teach in the U.S. if it weren’t for the fact that every school administration, government social worker and sheeple parent were out to discredit and sue every teacher for everything under the sun and post shit on me signs on the teacher in order to make their lives a living hell for no reason.

    So now the only time I will teach them will be in passing or on sites like FTT. It seems to be the only way to educate people these days and that is why the Zionist/Communist government want the Internet censored so quick.

    Keep it going, Henry and I’ll keep contributing with articles and input.

    Death to the NWO! We the people shall prevail!

  10. Much love to this site. Now i must quote from Storm Clouds Gathering, ” The truth is extreme to make it moderate is to lie “. It seems one that would only wish to post partial article is one that has no intention of spreading the word and no understanding of a representative republic please read federalist paper #39. Even the ancient Greeks agreed a democracy is an agreed upon anarchy, our founders to realized this that is why the design of our federal gov’t, thanks to Publius, who did not amend the articles of confederation, created a representative republic. Unfortunately some do not realize this and is exactly why our society has evolved into what it has. Ignorance is bliss to those uneducated.

  11. to federalist39…………agreed! Agreed.
    the thing is with the uneducated…They…have no bliss! they will tell us that.
    they never were taught the simple ways to think for themselves…They follow rote business leaders, employment bosses, ignorant spouses, even their kids telling them what to do….and think….damn, is this the way life is supposed to be? Understanding full well, each of them, internally, have more to give to their neighbors and their own lives than…a rote hollywood script…saying yes sir, no sir……there is more opportunity now than ever before…to change this and pull out this self…nose…dive….into violence in the US….pass the word every body……pass the word

  12. Dammit man. I’m changing my name to Jim. Too many assholes by the name of James this week.

    Way to stick it to him, calling him for what he truly is!

    1. Now ya know why I use rhumstruck! It’s original and has never been copied. And it was the name of my old sailboat. I still have many fond memories of the two years I lived on her!
      Oh, thats right I used to be high in the middle class, now I’m poverty level.

  13. That’s cool rhums. I used to have a boat named the Doghouse. It was an 1975 22′ starcraft with a 90 merc on the rear. She came with a bit of luck, caught lots of fish in that one.

    I’m giving up a life of middle class myself. Its lower middle class, I still struggle to keep the bill collectors at bay but I’m moving onto greener pastures to take a step back and live for the quality, not the quantity. Things haven’t been quite the same since I awoke and see things for what they really are. Its a hard transition, but I know its for the better.

  14. Henry,

    I have noticed several times that you have posted my work on your site in it’s entirety. Please cease and desist at once! I will allow for the printing of the first few words of my works, “We the people..” and a link to my page, posted at: National Archives and Records Administration
    700 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20408-0001

    Be sure to visit our gift shop and check out our friends at the Smithsonian!

    Thomas Jefferson

    1. All apologies. I will give you a link at the top and a link at the bottom, just like anybody else. If you didn’t want it republished, you shouldn’t have put it out in the public domain.

    2. Maybe I take you wrong Mr. Thomas Jefferson, and I say that in a derogotory/insultive way to you Thomas Jefferson. Why post anything if you do not want the whole damned article. What the H*ll is wrong with ya. Maybe I read in what ya say wrongly but if ya cannot post the full article don`t post the damned thing. Posting half/part of a article is like only half truth isn`t it thomas jefferson. Think about it. it is like talking out of the side of your neck, get it.

      1. Frankly Mr. Digger, I’m absolutely astonished at your flagerant dismissal of the judicious and overly verbos neck! Why, if one were equiped with several oriffices from which one could engage in a multitude of simultaneous activities involving such oriffiecs, one would never leave ones humble abode.

        Thomas Jefferson

        PS, don’t forget to buy my shit at the National Archives! 🙂

        1. Buy your phoney sh*t at the National Archives HA HA HA, your sh*t down there at the so called national archives are all probobly made in China anyway. Oh Yea Orrofice boy TJ. if you are so righteous and straightg up about things then you wouldn`t be crying like a damned baby for haveing your posts you posted in full instead of only parts of articles as you seem to say. Why are you so against posting full articles as the articles written were intended orrofice boy. By the way speak for your self calling anyone here orrofice boy orrofice boy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Yes I did Henry. I just sent you a reply and like I said ” I appologize and sorry ” if I misunderstood as I am very protective – and very proud – of FTTWR and of the people here. I just may be a little too over protective and defenisve when it come to this site and what we all teach and have too say. I do appologize if I was wrong but I do mean and stand by the treanches being a thruther site. Thank You for setting me straight on this issue in your mail Henry. Like I say – “I publicly do appologize if I took TJ the wrong way. Hope ya understand TJ, and yes I am very protective and I do get very defensive for FTTWR. You real people here are those that I do trust and believe in. Yea Henry, I am too damned serious and literal, wish I could get over it but it is something that this US govt. did to me back in the late 60`s, I know you know what I mean Henry. Thanks again for setting me straight on that issue Henry.

          2. Thank You for understanding Drutch. I never grew up having any fun at all, and so therefore I do go overboard on certain things. Again My Public Appology To ya Thomas Jefferson aka Drutch. Keep the faith and try to understand those like me. I didn`t reconize that Thomas Jefferson screen name before. By the way , I do not even know how to have fun and all after what the govt. does because I am too busy watching them commie bastards in the govt. trying to control us all. Magic word is “control” and they will never control us all brother. At least not those that I associate with anyway. Love you all that are real bro.s

    3. Uh, Thomas Jefferson?
      Why does this not sound like the Thomas Jefferson I’ve studied and admire?
      Why do I feel like Henry just got PUNKED?

      1. ROTFLMAO
        Henry got punked? Sounds more like rhumstruck just swallowed a shot of satire and didn’t even realize it was in the water. The fact is we are guilty of republishing Mr. Jefferson’s works without giving a link. The interesting part is how he managed to send his comment from the grave. LOL

        1. Damn I hate when that happens.
          I do have a question though, and I could be wrong, but isn’t Jeffersons work all in the public domain now? If so we are not compelled to link to a gubment site.
          We (I think we all do) give credit to TJ where appropriate so it is not plagiarism.

  15. This looks to be the most active thread today so I’m going to post this here.
    Something is going on at Truax Field (115 fighter wing). F-16’s and A-10’s are rattling the windows at my friends house here in Madison. I’ve counted 10 F16’s and at least a dozen A10’s in the past hour. Going on 11 PM here and they are still taking off. It must be the entire base from the sound of it. This is not normal!
    Something is up. On the 115’s web site the latest news is about 26 airmen being deployed to an undisclosed location in “SW Asia.”
    That is the Middle East for anyone unfamiliar with that term.

    1. A few weeks ago I had these big military cargo type big military planes flying over head, and they were slow moving and were at maybe at most 500 feet up and they rattled my windows. They were flying those planes for 3 times a week and for about 3 or 4 weeks. Yea, they would fly over head for atleast 20 – 30 minutes each time.. Yep Rums, they were flying towards your direction.

      1. It’s just more of the mobilizations similar to what we did leading up to our attack on Iraq. Once we spends billions moving assets it’s a done deal. WWIII is on.

        1. I was told by several Madison residents this is the second time in a week this has happened. It starts before sunrise and goes well into the night.
          This is not normal build up movements. I’ve never seen anything like it from a small ANG unit. This is more traffic than Mitchell Field on a busy day. I don’t really mind the noise of the A10’s but the F16’s rattle my teeth!
          I feel like I’m on the flight deck again. Pass the ear plugs and ear muffs!
          (Yes, you need BOTH!)

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