DIY Belt Grinder 2×48″ [PLANS]

Published on Feb 7, 2018

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Hi. My name is Darek and in this video I’ll show you how I made the BELT SANDER 2×48″ from an Electric mower

I used:
The electric mower motor 1,5 hp 2800 rpm
Pallet carts wheels 50×50 mm
Lots of steel ­čśÇ

3 thoughts on “DIY Belt Grinder 2×48″ [PLANS]

  1. Mark, I am just about finished building all the tools for my blacksmith shop, a 2×72 6000rpm belt grinder, a power hammer, a forge and a high lift. I also purchased a tig welded, mig welder, and plasma cut 50 and built a cart for all, my last buy will be a Fortress air compressor. Now I will start building hand tools for smithing.

    1. Awesome Joe, you’ll get hooked and want a good metal turning lathe and a shaper soon. This stuff gets addicting. I’ve been watching the tech guys show off they’re bitchen tool boxes, snap on, mac, Milwaukee battery powered tools, some of these tool boxes are 25,000.00 just for the box. A hundred grand when loaded.

      I’ve got some good stuff in my truck as well. Not boxes just full tool bags.

      Looking for a small grinder and a couple drills, small saws all. Battery powered. Portable machine vice I can clamp on my catwalk.

      I’m sold on Milwaukee battery power hand tools, snap on is too damn expensive.

      1. Oh, by the way I built all these tools from recycled treadmills I got for free. Its good to have tools, I stay away from the brand names and battery tools look to craigslist you will find all the brand name tools for sale with no batteries, there are good battery powered tools, but am looking to the future and corded tools will always work with a genpac.

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