DNC Communist Cotillion and the La Raza Faction

The communist cotillion kicked off yesterday in Charlotte, North Carolina with DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz taking the lead and flaunting the fact that the dual citizen Israeli-Americans are dominant in our government and the Israeli Zionists will continue to dictate our foreign policy as long as the status quo maintains control.

If Obama is elected, it is war with Iran, and most probably a third world war.  And on the other side of the coin, if Mitt Romney is elected, it is war with Iran, and most probably a third world war.

What truly jumped out of screen as this private convention got underway, was the foreign faces and the bodies attached that are occupying our highest seats of power.

Until yesterday I did not know who Julian Castro was.  Come to find out he is the political superstar Mayor of San Antonio who is being touted as a possible Democratic presidential candidate for 2016.  Well why the hell not?

What else do we know about Julian Castro?  Well, his mother was a political activist in the 70s who helped establish the political party La Raza Unida.   Oh, La Raza.  Now what does that mean in Spanish?  Oh yeah, that’s right, “the race.”  So we have the race united.  And what is their motto?  “For our race everything, for all others nothing.”

It was indeed La Raza back when Julian Castro’s mommy was an activist that put forth the assertion that Mexico would take back the southern United States “with the bedsprings”.  It would seem the American hating La Raza has made deep inroads through the last generation and its plan to invade and breed and conquer through the body politic is right on course.

Before anyone goes crying racist to me, be it made clear. It is La Raza that sponsors programs down in Mexico to teach the little children that Americans took their country from them and that when they grow up they should come here and kill us.

Julian Castro is the face of the insurgency from the south and one of the worst enemies we the American nationals of the American race of every pigment of skin has.

If you are of Hispanic descent and call yourself an American national that supports our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and our sovereignty, you are, in the eyes of La Raza, a traitor to your people.  But to the rest of us American nationals, you are our brother or sister and it will be fitting when it is you that ties the bottle of barbeque sauce around these insurgents’ necks and kicks their asses onto the deportation barges headed for Somalia.

No we are not just going to send them home.  We are going to send them to a living hell.  That is, those that manage to survive as all who take up arms against we American nationals will be destroyed as utterly as humanly possible, and their bones left to bleach upon our land to serve as a warning for any further La Raza movement into our sovereign country.

We will reinstate our Republic under our Constitution.  This is our country and God damn any foreigner who thinks they can take it away from us.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

10 thoughts on “DNC Communist Cotillion and the La Raza Faction

  1. The racism double-standard, and double-talk never ceases to amaze me. The racist-by-religion Zionists are joining forces with the racist-by-culture Mexicans to accuse me of racism simply because I don’t agree that I should give them everything I have just because I’m white.

    I’m against shipping these people out of the country. I think they’ll make good fertilizer after we finally cut the ropes they’re hanging from. Huge compost heaps made of wetbacks and Zionists will help to revive our farmlands.

    And yes, I AM a racist, because I do not believe all people presently falling into the “human” category are equal, and real scientists (as opposed to politicized scientists), as well as all scientifically collected data, agrees with me. I DO believe we should all be treated equally under thew law, and that no one should be punished for any condition of their birth, but to say “all humans are equal” is just another lie. The Patriot community and/or the American Nationalists are only appealing to the laws that should be governing all of us, and we’re NOT the party in this battle who is discriminating by race.

  2. La Raza was founded and supported by the Ford Foundation (CIA) to the present day. As Lenin said “the best was to defeat the opposition is to control it”. Any “Hispanic” or Mexican stupid enough to fall for this scam, will end up as cannon fodder. Research this for yourselves.

  3. “If Obama is elected, it is war with Iran, and most probably a third world war. And on the other side of the coin, if Mitt Romney is elected, it is war with Iran, and most probably a third world war.”

    Beyond a shadow of a doubt, undeniably true.

    “Oh yeah, that’s right, “the race.” So we have the race united. And what is their motto? “For our race everything, for all others nothing.”

    I have no problem with other races. The problem I DO have is with either individuals or collectives of other races who consider themselves superior to myself simply based upon their race.

    Proof of my lack of prejudice towards other races would be the fact that my ex-wife was Hispanic ( as opposed to ‘Mexican’, since she was born and raised in this country, I do make that distinction )

    1. I know that the world would be a lot better place if everybody thought the same way as you #1. It is a sign of intelligence. There is good and bad, intelligent and not so intelligent in every race I believe #1

      1. I was fortunate enough to have very anti-racist parents, digger. Unfortunately, many people inherit their racism from the environment they’re raised in.

        1. That is realy good to know. I was raised the same way mostly except my mom`s side didn`t realy practice what they preached – they were masonic bastards ya know – I was the black sheep, so to speak and they all – every one of them – thought that I was dead a long time ago – living in that eternal underground casket they had for me. yep I could have had a compleatly different life style but even when I was 10 – 11 yrs. old I let them know where to go, and they made sure that I was locked up for a long time in a christian military boys school. Sorry for the rant. I guess I refused my family`s and their society a long time ago back in the 60`s. again to much of my rant , sorry. Just good to know that you are a human being #1. cool!

    2. I agee NWO and this is coming from a former self hating black man.
      Growing up I despised my own race as they were all idiots who blamed white people for their problems and believed they deserved the best and could do whatever they wanted.

      Had to grow up and realize all the racial hate bullshit was just nonsense fabricated by society to keep everybody split up and hating each other while keeping everyone ignorant.
      Its nothing to do with race and more so to do with the select few at the top who benefit and are shielded by the chaos.

      We have those idiot new black panthers running around that can apparently preach hatred without nobody giving a damn and the elite(hate using the term) have turned cops against the public and have made them a target in the future for the anger(even the most down to earth straight laced citizen distrusts the police and would rather not deal with them) though the police are idiots for falling for it and its too late for them as all they had to do was strip away their accountability and give them a bit more power though it will do them no good when people start killing their families and planting bombs in their cars and offices.

      Now they are starting to do it to military, veterans(NDAA which has them arresting citizens and basically turning them into police, and the mentally ill military men articles) and gun owners though the last one isn’t going so good.

      Only the future can tell..

  4. I am American. I am Mexican and Scottish and proud. These Communist Pieces of crap enrage me! In my line of work I meet many people from Mexico. Illgeal yes, most of them are nice hard working people. Not too many of them are accepting this hate crap from La Raza. Why is it when caucasian form any pride group or militia, DHS is up their ass? But when these hate whitey groups are formed, they are left alone? Why are they not labeled domestic terrorists? If Mexicans do not support La Raza they are traitors to their people? BS, just like the self hating Jew Crap of the Zionists. We all know that the Zionists create these groups. Divide and conquer. In the eyes of GOD we are all brothers and sisters. Time to start focusing on the Zionists and their deceptions! END ANTI GENTILISM!

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