7 thoughts on “Do we just not trust our own eyes anymore?

  1. Yup… I screenshot this new booking pics too and meant to do the side by side because the ears were telling.!!

    They have convicted people still sitting in prison on ear pattern, shape etc alone….

  2. Wow. One has hair and the other is slightly bald.

    Oh wait! These are supposed to be the same person. I get it now. How silly of me. What was I thinking?


    I wish I could magically grow that much hair back. I’m slightly balding like that cop too.

  3. Is the pig pics nose photoshopped from the mugshot?

    Maybe but they forgot to do the rest.

    Damn lazy kikes. Can’t even get an honest reichstag fire out of them.

    Such cow pies. These commies and their footsoldiersare pathetic.

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