Do You Believe the Experts?

The so called experts continue in their attempt to create the illusion of yet another recovery in the US economy.  Though off handed and out of the sides of their faces, there are admissions that the whole thing is just a propaganda blitz designed to create consumer confidence to facilitate consumer spending which it is said will improve the economy.  Is this not the equivalent of an attempt to lift oneself up from the floor by the bootstraps as the entire concept has a lie as its foundation?

You people out there who still have money in the bank, are you going to invest in this stock market that is rising on the lie, knowing full well that this is the same con that was used to capture a million bank accounts and 401Ks in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011?

Have you forgotten the controversy involving the so called financial advisors who knew the crash was coming and protected themselves as millions of their clients lost everything?  Even when it had become obvious that the crash was imminent, were these so called experts not front and center encouraging the American consumers to “double down”?

Gas may go to $5 per gallon this summer.  Has not every so called recovery since 2008 fizzled away preceded by a large jump in fuel prices?  Do you think that maybe the sanctions on Iran and the threat to the Strait of Hormuz could be used as a patsy to blame a double dip recession on?  And when those who fall for the con and lose everything complain that they were lied to by the economists and investment advisors, will the con men and women not counter with, “These were developments that we could not predict”?

Well I am predicting them right now.  Those of you in the middle class who invest in this false economy are going to lose your asses, along with your jobs and your homes.  I am writing this day down on my calendar and the day these facts are established, I will be writing an article just for you.  It will be called, “I Told You So”.

All should understand that no expense is being spared in creating this unreality, which has been specifically designed to go after the $15 trillion in private saving accounts left in this country and the Social Security account, which is the only government controlled account that still contains real wealth.

The added benefit of the false reality is in maintaining the status quo, either through a two term President Obama, or a first term Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, or probably more likely, Jeb Bush.  All of this in spite of the fact that the majority of the people in this country want no more of the status quo.  We are in fact so opposed to the status quo that we are preparing to take up arms to end it if a peaceful resolution cannot be found.

We want our Republic back under our Constitution.  We want the insurgents who have tried to destroy our country and enslave us tried, punished, and then deported.  We are well within our rights in demanding the return of our rights.  To oppose us is to oppose the very principles our founding fathers fought for in the Revolution that caused the creation of our country.

We prefer peace but will not accept complacency that leaves us under the rule of a soviet socialist one world government.  We have the means to protect ourselves and reinstate our freedoms and liberties.  And come what may, we will do so.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

I have put up a donate button for our brothers and sisters of the Hutaree Militia who are being held on a bill of attainder and have committed no crime.  They have lost their jobs, their homes, and their freedom.  Their trial has begun and the money is needed for transportation of witnesses and other necessities to accommodate the trial.

These are our people and we need to stand by them as they are our militia who were preparing to stand by us.  They are innocent.  Any amount you can give will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I recall being taught about propoganda and what life was like in the USSR in grade school in the 1960’s. Here I have come to find out, this is what we have here in the US of A! The same things I was being warned about are at my doorstep….

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