4 thoughts on “Do You Know About The Act of 1871 Teach this in your School

  1. Even sadder than this information is the fact that I can not send this to anyone I know that will take the time to watch it. Many of them are couch potatoes that have that TV on every waking moment no matter what junk is on.
    I was at a friends house the other night and there was this show about these nerds all living together, I think it was called something like the Big Bang Theory. After a few minutes I said this is stupid and the canned laughter at the end of every person speaking would drive me crazy. To me it was pure torture even hearing it.

    This is the way of society today willing to accept junk and more junk than learn something that might change their life. At this point I now know for certain we are not going to see change too many are brain dead and are happy with it..

  2. Ummmm that guy in the beginning of the video who is said to be a senator is NOT a senator. That is Tim Turner. I have Tim Turner videos and can prove it. I stopped watching after the first few minutes when they zoomed in on his face. I could recognize that voice any where. Once I saw his face I knew it was Tim Turner. So I can’t say anything about the rest of the vid. I just thought you folks should know.

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