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Do You Want A Marxist Revolution? Antifa Protesters Answer

Published on Aug 13, 2018

The DC’s Stephanie Hamill Spoke with Antifa who were protesting the ‘Unite The Right’ Rally in in Washington, D.C., at Lafayette Park. Antifa’s vision for America will make your head spin.

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14 Responses to Do You Want A Marxist Revolution? Antifa Protesters Answer

  1. Katie says:

    These folks need to be contacted and shown the Bill of Rights, taught the BofR’s. I’m gonna try.

    • OKC koyote (super genius) says:

      Good luck Katie!

      • Katie says:

        Got hold of one email address but it’s not good. I challenged them to come up on the broadcast and explain why their principles and anarchy would be better than our Bill of Rights being enforced and as a result each person could live free and happy. I’ve got the email ready to go, but have not found anyone to send it too.
        Some of their beefs are as mine but our solutions are diametrically opposed.

  2. Grey Wulf says:

    If the shooting ever starts it’s going to be easy and there will be blood flowing in the streets.

  3. Bill in IL says:

    I am gobsmacked at the shallow, immature, vapid stupidity on display by these young people. I am at a loss for words. If it comes down to it, they are going to die very violent, painful deaths.

    • Martist says:

      “The revolution won’t be so bad”! What kind of idiot is it that says that?

      There will be no loss of life when that happens, Bill.

      • Bill in IL says:

        First of all, I didn’t say that and, watching the video for the third time, I did not see any of those morons say that either. So, I am failing to follow your so-called point.

        • Katie says:

          “Yeah, I don’t think that necessarily needs to be as scary as people feel that it has to be.” The second person, a guy, after the first girl, blonde answered the question. Martist paraphrased the guys statement.

        • Martist says:

          The lackadaisical statement from pantifa man @ :05 is what I was referring to in paraphrase as Katie so kindly cleared up for me. Anyone who knows history knows that the last communist revolution involved the murder of 10’s of millions and it was hardly an event to casually refer to as nothing. That was the “so-called point” of my statement.

          Thank you, Katie, for explaing what I would consider glaringly obvious.

          • Katie says:

            Martist, yes, glaringly obvious and you’re welcome.

          • Bill in IL says:

            I didn’t take that moron’s statement anywhere close to what you two did. I took him to be a pansy and you took him to be the real deal.

        • Katie says:

          Bill, the question was, “Do you support a Marxist Revolution.” We heard the guys response which was yes. Perhaps he spoke of a revolution in terms of ideas? The Marxist Rev.’s I’m aware of were fought with force, folks being murdered. Marxism, from my understanding, can’t be implemented without use of force.

  4. Katie says:

    These young folks have not had the privilege nor opportunity to listen on the other end under the, imo, master teacher, Henry Shivley, of our Bill of Right and common law. Not to say that they would immediately embrace the truth, but they’d at least have the opportunity to weigh what they are “fighting” for against what is ultimately what they are desiring, peace of soul and mind and true justice.

  5. NewVegasBadger says:

    Text book perfect example of a “useful idiot”. What they don’t know is that they are cannon fodder. Once they are no longer useful the 1% who are already in power, they will be gotten rid of. If they will be viewed as potential counter revolutionaries and hence a possible threat in the future. There will be one free thing for them, a bullet in the back of the head, along with an equal opportunity to be dumped in a mass unmarked grave.

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