9 thoughts on “Doctor refuses to accept vaccinated patients. He will not let those who made a bad decision…

  1. This guy is on a wild goose chase. If vaccinated people affect non-vaccinated people, the odds are increasing that they will be exposed to vaccinated people as more idiots roll up their sleeves succumbing to family/peer pressure, employer mandates, and other factors. You have to give the psychopaths their due, they have come up with one effective weapon of mass destruction with the ultimate goal being mass genocide of the human race.

    1. I’ll be here to greet the scum when they rear their ugly ass heads , because they think its over …. it will be over when we say its over

  2. I find it incredible that this doctor was able to come out and say this. Yeah he, like many others, myself included, are hard-pressed to figure it all out, in terms of the long-term consequences of shedding. Anyway, what could come out of this, if more and more doctors and scientists keep speaking out, is a demand for full shut-down of the poisoning train. And if nothing else, he’s giving them a fight, he’s serving up turmoil and making them squirm as more and more get the info that the shots are killers. I know the physical fight is ahead, but the intellectual fight could increase the size of the uprising against the tyrants.


  3. I just had a quick chat session with an attorney. Apparently your employer can force you to take the injection or be fired. At my age, being fired means I either retire, which I cannot afford to do, or take some menial job that doesn’t pay well. The latter option is a choice, but I do have a condition that prevents me from lifting much more than 20 pounds.

    1. This is an “EXPERIMENTAL” Vaccine…therefore; NOBODY, NOWHERE can Mandate anyone to take it in any manner….It is a CLEAR Violation of the Nuremberg, let alone a violation of our peoples Sovereignty & BOR’s.

      I really can’t wait till the co I work for or any of these employers try to do it. I can imagine there will be a whole lot of companies and corporations being burnt to the ground, that it will make the BLM/Antifa rioting look like a camp out fire.

      Either way, no authority CAN exist to make mandate on us for any damn thing, it is why a war is at our front doors…EVEN if this Vaccine was NOT Experimental… and what’s the difference anyway?

      We intend to either be free or be subjugated, if it is Freedom we intend; then there MUST be a Blood fight, no way out of it… and all these companies, businesses, Hospitals, doctors, politicians and ALL news propaganda entities must be held fully accountable and responsible…..

      We can hope that the LEOs and the Military/National Guards will stand with the people to throw off this corporate global criminality, but that is just fantasy…..

      it will get real, soon, ……and yes, they are chomping at the bit to move all of this shit forward, why? because nobody has started wasting their asses. Yet.

    2. You had a chat w/Attorney – BIG mistake. Not that there aren’t a handful who know up from down. The Federal Constitution doesn’t say the Supreme Legal of the land. Legality is not reality.
      U.S. SUPREME COURT DECISION – (U.S. Department of Labor) 769 F. 2d 1344, 1348, (1985).
      “All codes, rules, and regulations are for government authorities only, not human/Creators in accordance with God’s laws. All codes, rules and regulations are unconstitutional and lacking due process…”

    3. Well this attorney is full of shit to the point that the common law is not being enforced by you and I.
      Guess he could make you cut off the end of your finger if he wanted to, huh?
      The c-ksuckers who try to do this are acting without common law jurisdictional authority and that is open sedition. And if there is no law but me and my gun, I guess it is me and my gun because no f-ker is going to coerce me to accept any medical procedure, and if anyone tries to punish me for refusing, I will enforce that f-king law with extreme prejudice.
      This would be open coercion under threat to remove your entire Bill of Rights with your procedural due process being, “Because I told you so.”
      Try that shit with me and see how it works out.

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