3 thoughts on “Doctor Sanjay Gupta Publicly Apologizes For Being SO WRONG About Medical Marijuana

  1. Geeze, this is not the article I posted, in fact the one I posted was not a vedeo at all. Anyways, that Sanjay Gupta is responsible, ya might say, for ruining the lives of people that got sent away to rehab, jail and prison…. And then ya got that Howard Samuels talking that sh*t, that is the kind of guy that ruins peoples lives…. Yea I never would have posted this if it was a video like this especially with that Pierce Morgan puke………. In fact the article that I sent was called ” Sense and Sinsemilla On CNN “, but instead this video got posted instead.

    1. The longer it’s been since I’ve turned on a TV, the less tolerance I have for any of its talking heads, and try as I have, I cannot MAKE myself watch Piers Morgan – my disgust for him is an actual visceral reaction. If you hadn’t noted the article you actually sent in, Digger, I would have skipped this one entirely.

      I’ve also noticed some very odd occurrences with FTT – sometimes I cannot find articles on the site for which I’ve received email notifications. This tells me the cabal scum are really getting desperate to be diddling with forums such as FTT.

      Was this the article you referenced? http://www.counterpunch.org/2013/08/19/sense-and-sinsimilla-on-cnn/

      The part I disagree with is who at base is behind the disinformation on and sabotage of medical marijuana, and that is the Rockefellers, who have been corrupting western medicine since the beginning of the 20th century for their own profit from controlling interests in big pharma, and changing medical schools into indoctrination camps, turning allopathic physicians into prescription dispensers. Other than that, it’s a good article, which even makes transparent how the cabalist media is still trying propagandize the medical marijuana industry.

      1. Yes Enbe, that was the article that was supposed to be posted. Instead it was that Pierce Morgan interviewing those other two clowns.

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