Doctor Simone Gold is arrested in connection with the Capitol riots

Daily Mail

Dr Simone Gold, the Beverly Hills doctor who gained notoriety when she advocated for hydroxychloroquine as treatment against COVID-19, has been detained in connection with the Capitol riots.

Gold, 55, was among three Los Angeles residents who were arrested on Monday for the insurrection that occurred in D.C. earlier in the month. 

In addition to Gold, 52-year-old Gina Bisignano and 37-year-old John Strand also face charges in connection to the insurrection, the Daily Beast reports.  

A criminal complaint for charges against Gold and Strand states that federal authorities were alerted of the pair’s attendance at the Capitol after the doctor did an interview with the Washington Post.

Simone Gold became easily identifiable after she staged a press conference on the steps of the Supreme Court in July with America’s Frontline Doctors – a group she founded last year to speak out against the government’s efforts to contain the coronavirus.

Gold’s video promoting hydroxychloroquine was taken down, but not before it was seen by millions of people.

She confirmed to The Washington Post that she is the person pictured carrying a bullhorn on the Capitol grounds, but said she thought the building was open, and intended to be there to make a speech.

Gold said she was worried that photos of her inside the Capitol would distract from her advocacy work with America’s Frontline Doctors.

‘I do regret being there,’ Gold said.

In video on social media, Gold is seen apparently making a speech during the riots. She told the paper it was the same speech she gave at a rally the day before the insurrection, where she referred to the coronavirus vaccine as an ‘experimental, biological agent deceptively named a vaccine.’

Trump exhorted thousands of supporters to march on the Capitol last Wednesday, prompting chaos in which crowds breached the building and forced the evacuation of both the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives.

Five people, including a police officer, died as a result of the rampage.

Officials have opened more than 170 subject files on individuals identified as persons who potentially committed crimes at the Capitol.

See pics and videos here:

8 thoughts on “Doctor Simone Gold is arrested in connection with the Capitol riots

    1. People are getting fired as well…

      I was delivering a load of milk up to Boston Mass last week, and was talking to one of the mechanics at the shop up there while getting fueled up on my way back to Philadelphia. He was telling me a friend of his got fired after a picture was posted on social media of them being there.

      It’s happening, just like Henry has pointed out numerous times. These corporations think they have some kind of authority of you.

  1. There was NO Insurrection! They have not seen what that would look like, it was a staged event from A-Z and a lot of dupes played along following the two pied pipers, Alex Jones and Trump…

    When Insurrection starts, it will not be such a labeled event, it will in fact be a true uprising by Americans and American Nationals, as many whom will stand against the tyranny with us, do not truly know what they are fighting for, they think they are fighting for the AJ & Trump version of what America is (Status Quo) ie., only them in charge of the Corporate fraud.

    They would have Zero intention of restoring the peoples Bill of rights and Common Law Court system; as this would most likely result in Them being charged by true American Nationals….for their part in supporting this treasonous existing criminal corp Gov.

    My 2 cents

    I’m sure they are very happy to have any reason to Shackle Dr. Gold….

  2. I am Spartacus.
    Come get me. Please. Been looking for a shit show and the closest show is 80 miles away. Fck portlandastan

  3. Two quotes. The second one is up for discussion, should be in a discussing mood. 🙂

    “The genius of any slave system is found in the dynamics which isolate slaves from each other, obscure the reality of a common condition, and make united rebellion against the oppressor inconceivable.”
    — Author Unknown

    “insurrection is always a moral phenomenon. Revolt is Masaniello, who led the Neapolitan insurgents in 1647; but insurrection is Spartacus.”
    — Author Unknown


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