Doctors Without Borders Now Aiding U.S. Coronavirus Response

Hill Reporter – by Timothy Evans

The current explosion of coronavirus cases across the United States is so severe that the international aid group Doctors Without Borders has come to the U.S. to help control the pandemic.

The France-based organization provides medical care to millions of people caught in crises around the world, typically in developing countries where access to quality health care is minimal. It has been instrumental in dealing with ebola outbreaks and other epidemics, responding to natural disasters and caring for victims of war and civil unrest.

The fact that the group is deploying to the U.S. is a clear indication of exactly how bad the pandemic is right now.

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta this morning called the ferocious surge in COVID-19 a humanitarian crisis. “This is probably one of the worst stories i’ve covered in my career here at CNN,” Gupta said. “Doctors Without Borders Have come to the United States to do their work.

“This is an organization that typically covers true disasters and medical crises all over the world,” he said. “They go to the hottest spots in the world, they look at the Earth and say where are we needed? Well, they’re needed here in the United States right now.”

Coronavirus has killed more than 241,000 Americans and, according to the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, another 110,000 people could die from the disease in just the next two months. The U.S. has recorded more than 100,000 new cases of the disease for each of the past nine days in a row.

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