DOD Releases Footage Of Marines Preparing for Riot Control in America

marinesGovt Slaves – by Iron Sheik

We just received a tip about an Operational Readiness Exercise conducted at the Naval Weapons Station in Yorktown Virginia. Marines training for riot control.

Per the usual the exercise was given the cover story of overseas preparation. Sgt. Andrew S. Wilbur, a non-lethal weapons instructor said of a similar exercise “Consider they are hypothetically operating within an EMBASSY.”  

However, As we’ve been following for weeks, public concerns are running high amidst the recent ft Lauderdale FEMA Camp Roundup drills, and the Ontario California martial law train.

Participants in This latest training exercise were the Bravo Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team Company.

Oddly the high production footage you’re seeing right now is directly from the Department of Defense. As a professional news package intended for the public to see.

This has a twofold effect. First. The Marines are training for riot and crowd control on American soil where tea partiers and Constitutionalists are constantly demonized by politicians and the media. In the event of civil unrest these same Marines could deploy this training upon Americans.

Second. The media production aspect of this is chilling because it shows they are doing this in full public view. They want this to be seen. Because they want the public to accept Marines not police conducting riot control during the coming martial law and societal breakdown.

While training is a common part of military life these tactics a suspect in context of other reports we’ve done here at the next News Network. Please review our previous reports to gain the full perspective.

And most importantly. Please be prepared for the unknown days that lie ahead.

10 thoughts on “DOD Releases Footage Of Marines Preparing for Riot Control in America

  1. Please someone tell me how these marines will be immune from the coming breakdown are they not us and will not the families of these marines not be caught up in it too? I am confused.

    1. The families on base will be held hostage to enforce compliance.
      The Bolsheviks did it. They actually killed one member of the family.

  2. This is how it works team A, will be killing someone’s family, and team B, will be killing the marines team A family. The killing circle.

  3. More than likely they are being told it is for overseas riot control. When they are finally told it will be used here there will be a short time of confusion and then I feel sorry for the ones in command. They call Marines grunts indicating they are morons that just follow orders no mater how ridiculous. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I know some marines and they are not morons. One thing I do know is that when these Marines realize what is really happening I wouldn’t want to be in command or a politician. Nothing and I mean nothing is more determined than a pissed off Marine. Semper Fi.

  4. I’m impressed! Those dumbasses were actually able to count to 10 doing their steps! WOW! (Please forgive my sarcastic attitude.)

  5. Want to see if the military will help in the tyranny of this nation, take a look at the people in Katrina that went to the locations that they were told to and completely ignored for days,not to mention that door to door gun confiscation that went down then. I believe that you will have your answer looking at old footage of the fiasco! Some will and some wont when the SHTF,don’t kid yourself otherwise. When the time comes to choose to fight for freedom or roll over and play dead for tyranny,the day of decision making will be very real and there are only going to be 2 sides with not on drop of gray. Also you can bet they will be the ones that start it all with there criminal terrorist behavior.

  6. We all expected this kind of thing sooner or later, and we’ve prepared for it as best we could.

    It’s not going to be pretty, but nor can the status quo be tolerated any longer. We were born at the wrong time, and there’s nothing we can do but play the cards we were dealt.

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