Does Syria Hold a Trump Card on the US?

The US CIA and Israeli Mossad now have all the pieces in place for a repeat of the Lebanese Civil War for Syria.  Little portions of the truth are starting to surface and what we are finding out is that there are three distinct elements at work in Syria.

We have the Assad regime, which is the legitimate government that, until about a year ago, was sporting itself as a US ally.

Then there is the anti-government political faction, which is being organized through socialist one world insurgents.  These would be the protesters in the streets.

And finally there are the terror squads.  These are international murderers brought into Syria by the CIA and Mossad and it is their job to agitate a civil war between the pro-Assad government and the anti-Assad government factions.

After the people of Syria have been brought to their knees through the carnage of war, the globalists will step in and offer relief from famine and disease for exclusive access and control of Syria’s resources and borders.  Then the Israelis can start whittling away at Syrian sovereignty as a mechanism to conquest.

The calls for US intervention in Syria are mounting as the US role in this plot is to supply the necessary arms and air support to the government opposition while Russia and Iran provide the same to the government forces.  This is a war the people of Syria will not win as every eventuality spells an end to their status as a sovereign nation.

Many are wondering what is holding the US back at this point as the invasion of Libya was literally rammed down the throats of the American people under essentially the same circumstances.

As previously mentioned, Syria, until a year or so ago, was a close US ally.  Guantanamo Bay was and is just a staging point for US Torture, Inc.  Many a political enemy of the Zionist controlled United States and Israel were flown to Syria for torture sessions and Assad, being no fool, kept meticulous records of the sessions that, if released, would show the US intelligence and Defense Department for the diabolical monsters they really are.

We are talking documentation of international war crimes and crimes against humanity, thus the globalists find themselves in a conundrum.

The power elite at the top of the pyramid are growing impatient with their US cronies’ reluctance to go forward with the invasions of Syria and Iran, while at the same time these US agents are being threatened with exposure by Syria if they do invade.  And so the tension mounts and brings about the eventuality that a US invasion into the Middle East will have to be accompanied by full blown martial law in the United States in order to protect the power structure from the retaliations of we the people.

This is a tinder box with sparks coming at it from every direction.  One way or another the stress will have to be relieved and when it is we are going to see violent events that will make everything that has happened in the last ten years seem menial in comparison.

May God help us steal ourselves for the inevitable fight that lies ahead.

11 thoughts on “Does Syria Hold a Trump Card on the US?

  1. I’m sharing this link with friends, but sadly I feel really powerless about any actions ‘our’ government decides to take.

    1. Perhaps you are powerless with regards to what the government of the United States does.

      But you are NOT powerless with regards to what the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious ‘authorities’ are teaching and doing to motivate and ‘justify’ a genocidal conflict between Jews, Christians and Muslims…

      And how the mainstream and even ‘alternative’ media are *inciting* a genocidal conflict in the Middle East by categorically denying and ignoring the theological ORIGIN of the conflict.

  2. A very large percentage of the American population are already aware that the US rountinely tortures political prisoners, so it makes no logical sense to think that they would care if more details of this program are revealed to them and the rest of the world. A far more logical explanation of why the US and Israel have not invaded Syria is because Russia has made it clear that they will not stand for it.

    1. I disagree. Your average so called Christian conservative dismisses reports of torture as propaganda against their beloved US government. How would it be if they were confronted with actual footage of the tortures, you know, like at Abu Ghraib?
      As for Russia, I believe they are in the beginning process of stationing their troops all over the US as a part of the UN takeover.
      You must realize that the information Assad holds could very well show the United Nations for the diabolical monsters they are. If there is footage of torture sessions, what might have been said that could implicate the CIA and Mossad orchestrating the Arab Spring as a part of an Israeli agenda financed with US tax dollars?
      I think it is naive to think Assad would allow US/Israeli torture camps in his country without taking the precaution of covering his own backside.

  3. An interesting assertion.

    It is well known and understood that the US Gov’t has been Murder/Torture Inc. for some time (decades,.. not just recent years…)

    Given the turmoil that Syria is now in, and the potential for Assad to be overthrown at the hands of Israel, The Rothchilds, International Banksters and our very own Physcotic US Gov’t,…. what is Assad waiting for?

    Assad’s BEST option would be to declare the internal meddling that is occuring as a product of the above NWO entities, bring charges of such against them into the public domain,… AND support his their claims with this careful record keeping on both the floor of the UN,.. AND the International War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague.

    Assad gains Nothing at this point by refraining from the release of said documents,.. but would gain EVERYTHING possible to be gained by releasing them now in an atmosphere of charged international crimes, and being able to substantiate the use of torture by the US Gov’t, NATO, and the Israel’s.

    What you waiting for Assad?

    Now is the time to play your Ace-In-The-Hole.

    JD- US Marines – Looking to stop the insanity.

    1. Assad is as guilty as anyone else involved in these international crimes. I think his message here is if you send forces into my country to bring me down, you are coming with me.

    2. The problem is that the brownshirt media have been efficient enough at putting into people’s heads that Assad is worse than Hitler, Stalin and the devil combined.
      Anything he publishes will instantly be pushed off as a forgery or worse. (“You know the greatest country in the world would never do that. That’s the phantasies of a crazy maniac. Bomb bomb bomb bomb Syria!”)

      1. You can’t see the forest for the trees. If NATO intervenes and Assad is brought down or killed, it is the Russians who will have this indisputable video evidence along with the lists of names. If Russia and China bring criminal charges against the highest placed US government officials, a US veto could not stop criminal proceedings. And don’t you think Russia and China might just give the international courts at the Hague a go before they start exchanging nuclear warheads with the US? If nothing else, would not such an action give Russia and China the moral high ground as far as international opinion is concerned?

  4. With only 5 countries left in the world that as of yet do not have a central banking system: Syria, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Cuba.We see the likelihood of more out and out war, back in 2001 there were 8 countries on the list now 3 countries are off this list: Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya.( all invaded by the west )
    This is a bankers war and a war of aggression from the west, we have become the very thing we defeated in 1945!
    [The Rothschilds] Have conquered the World.welcome to serfdom people.

  5. Syria?Are you serious?The City of London and the British crown holds the trump card on the U.S.,have since the day of the revolution and will continue to do so until we come to our collective senses and throw the inbreds out in favor of a scholastic system which fears not ignorance nor education.The U.S. simply needs to bring its troops home and defend freedom inside its own borders.Anymore false flag attacks should be responded to by wiping out the Rothschilds’,the Rockefellers,the Bush’s as a direct attack on the U.S.A. Wake up and stand up.These sickening inbred bastards are starting your wars and killing everyone’s parents and cIhildren because of your complacency.They’re coming after you and yours.I guess I’d rather lynch Evylyn Rothschild or David Rockefeller than kill some innocent Chinese guy because of some war promoted by the people I’d have sooner lynched to begin with.You’ve got greater problems than the innocent population of Syria and I believe they start in your own head.

  6. Follow the money! Its all about money and power after all for the World Illuminati. Syria does not have a central bank that is controlled by the Rothschild/Zionist banking cartel and THAT is why they are being targeted by this false flag action.

    If only more Americans would wake up and see the light, we would stop meddling around in other sovereign Countries affairs and mind our own business

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