Dog [Pitbull] Attacks Police Car Rips Off Bumper!!

Published on Mar 26, 2010 by om Clayton

Dog eats cop car: A Chattanooga police officers vehicle got more than it bargained for when it came in contact with Winston the dog a Pitbull Pit Bull. The dog is now held by animal control. Winston the dog escaped from his owner and began attacking the cop car and ripping it off the bumper. He also chewed through some tires, not shown in the video.

6 thoughts on “Dog [Pitbull] Attacks Police Car Rips Off Bumper!!

  1. He’s pissed off at them for killing all his family , cops probably lucky he didn’t get to him first

  2. And now for our half time score update brought to you buy.

    Kibbles and Bits.
    [New slogan]

    ” Where We Make Dog Sht Look Good..!”

    Now for the halftime update…Current score is..

    Pitbulls = 1 Bumpers 0

    Now back to the current action and regular programming.

  3. Ya know, that cop is stupid ( I know, redundant , right?)
    But if that pig had any sense he could back up fast enough that the dog would let go and he could leave
    But no , just to dumb for that

  4. WICKED!!!!!

    Not a huge fan of pit bulls, but… SOMEONE BUY THAT DOG A STEAK!


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