Dogs, Cats, and the US Crime Cartel

Attorney General Eric Holder was supposed to release thousands of documents to the Congressional Committee investigating Operation Gunrunner by Memorial Day or be held in Contempt of Congress.  Well that day has come and gone and in a new round of hearings last week, Attorney General Holder continued to hold up his middle finger in the faces of those making the inquiries.

If a police officer comes under investigation it is standard procedure that he or she is removed from their duties until the matter is resolved.  So why are those in the highest offices not held to this, the lowest of standards?  I believe a frightening precedence is being set.

Barack Obama and Eric Holder cannot be described at this point as anything less than kingpins in what is by definition an international crime cartel.  Of course the Demorats, that make up the false left paradigm, are defending Eric Holder, saying that if he were a Republiscum he would not be under investigation.  Quite a defense for international trafficking of guns and drugs involving murder, and of course money laundering.

We have not seen this level of mafia control within a government since Al Capone declared himself the Mayor of Chicago.  It is disheartening to witness the degree of complacency that the US citizens are showing today.  This is blatant, in-your-face, international crime.

There is a new law in New Jersey that says if you do not buckle up your pet in your car you will be fined $1000, and this law will be enforced with an attitude of zero tolerance.  I guess at least dogs and cats are finally having their rights under our Constitution as citizens of the United States recognized and enforced.  Or then again, this could just be another way to procure revenue from a population that has been taxed to the point that any and every new tax is being rejected out of hand.

I wonder if in a case wherein the status of a dog or cat as an entity possessing rights under our Constitution was being challenged by a human, would the US Justice Department step in on the side of the dogs and cats?  Of course they would as it is one of this insurgent government’s goals to reduce the status of the US citizen to a level below all animals.  And of course there is a lot of money involved and in the end equation, money is the final factor.  Let’s be realistic, if the enterprise you are involved in creates enough money, you can set your own standard for legality.

Eric Holder will never be brought to justice unless we the people take on the task ourselves and the criminal cartel that is the United States government has no more intent of peaceably stepping down than Al Capone did.  And like Al Capone, will only be removed through a violent enforcement of the law.  I guess the only question left is how much crime and corruption will we the people of the United States endure until we put our foot down.

2 thoughts on “Dogs, Cats, and the US Crime Cartel

  1. Holder should have been removed a long time ago. This is rediculous, Nixon was impeached for lesser crimes and so was Clinton. This is BS and they are all in bed together. We should march on the Whitehouse in mass numbers and imposed citizen arrests on this cabal of corruption.

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