2 thoughts on “Doin’ his own damage control

  1. F**k you Gill Bates! This will never “go away” until you and F***see are tried and hung for your genocide and treason!

  2. You thought your bigshot money put you above the everyday National, you thought because your 35 year binary bonanza made you king dick.

    You go around barking orders like you run America, negating who made you this way. No asshole, your the evil Son of A Bitch. Your crying now tells all of us your binary BS was your false God, feeding you numbers and a premise of grandeur that no fakery or treason will reverse.

    You’re fairytails and trickery have killed our children, while yours exiles with billions shielded, you goddamn traitor. American Nationals will take it from here Bill Gates, your done.

    Bill Of Rights 1-10, understand Bill Gates?

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