DOJ Begs For ‘Tips’ From Public To Manufacture Federal Charges Against George Zimmerman

Wake Up America – by Susan Duclos

Florida prosecutors couldn’t gather enough evidence to even convict George Zimmerman for the lesser charge of manslaughter, never mind the original overreach in charging him with second degree murder for the death of Trayvon Martin, both of which a jury rendered a verdict of not guilty for.

Knowing this and lacking any evidence to charge George Zimmerman with anything on a federal level, the corrupt Attorney General Eric Holder has decided to beg the public for “tips” in order to manufacture some type of federal case against George Zimmerman.

The DOJ has set up an e-mail address to ask for “tips” on George Zimmerman. The email address is Sanford.florida@usdoj.govand it is due to go live by the end of the week.

Barbara Arnwine, president and executive director the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law,  who joined the U.S. Department of Justice conference call, states “They were calling on us to actively refer anyone who had any information,” that might build a case against Zimmerman for either a civil rights violation or a hate crime, Arnwine said. “They said they would very aggressively investigate this case.”

This is a total abuse of power as well as a huge waste of taxpayers dollars.

For what?

To appease thugs that are protesting, causing chaos with marches, looting, beating innocent people up? To appease those that cannot accept that George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense?

What has America become under Barack Obama with his buddy Eric Holder in charge of the Department of Justice where a decision in a court of law, rendered by a jury, means so little?

I think those that appreciate that we are a nation of laws, and respect those laws, should hammer the email address linked above with “tips” on the U.S.  Constitution and let the DOJ know exactly what we feel about our government targeting a single citizen who has stood trial and been found innocent of all charges against him.

10 thoughts on “DOJ Begs For ‘Tips’ From Public To Manufacture Federal Charges Against George Zimmerman

  1. Sure they want the public to help build a case against this zimmerman punk. Remember that half of those jurors thought that zimmerman should be found go manslaughter or 2`nd degre murder………..Also how about convicting Holder on that gun running “Fastt and Furious”, And while we are at it , how about getting bush #2 for war crimes, and then again how about obama.

    1. I want to know where the support is for the woman in Florida that shot through a wall, did not injure anyone and was trying to scare her tormenting husband away, she got 20 years, Where is the sanity in this state?

      1. Exactly Susan. I was going to post a article on that one. Just goes to show if ya can afford or lucky enough to get a decent lawyer or can buy off the jury and /or the judge you can get away with anything.

        1. I would just like to point out there are many differences in the situation of each of those cases. That being said if you discharge a firearm in most municipalities regardless of what you are dealing with you will be charged with some type of crime. Remember you’re entire site picture is important and what is behind a wall could be you’re neighbor. Weather that is a good or bad thing depends on what you’re neighbors are like. What has happened here is a shame for the death of anyone unless you are trying to take mine. The wife should have just shot the fool and she may have had a different outcome in her case like GZ as she was at home and had an order of protection already but you see how well those pieces of paper actually work.

  2. Does anyone believe they care even a little bit about TM? They want to start hacking away at stand your ground laws. They obviously don’t want to let this case go…but it isn’t because they care about the people that are being shot. Otherwise they wouldn’t be allowing states to make any unconstitutional gun laws and they certainly wouldn’t be trying to push through laws at the federal level.
    What I’d like to know is why they wanted riots. Why did they fund and provide security for TM protests (taxpayer money)? They don’t do that for right wing or tea party groups. They didn’t do that for Occupy Wall Street. In fact the opposite is true. those groups got arrested, beaten, maced, tazed. They get targeted by the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security and IRS to name a few.
    Holder has lots of blood on his hands as does most Gov. officials over the last 5 decades. Maybe they should start worrying more about the weapons and money they are funneling into mercenaries hands. Maybe they should start funneling that money back into the schools and neighborhoods in America. Maybe they should funnel that money into the re-industrialization of America.
    But they won’t do that. Their conspiracy to start riots in this country shows how much they care about America and Trayvon. This is more of the same…dancing on graves to push an agenda. This is deja vu of Sandy Hook and all of the other horrendous things that have happened in the US.
    Since they like to use death for their agenda’s…why is it so hard to get a real 9/11 investigation or to get evidence from all of the shootings? They’ve just gagged the cops and firemen that were there when Micheal Hastings car blew up.
    I don’t agree with the outcome of the trial. It’s bad enough that cops are killing people in the streets. This sets another dangerous precident. However, the trial is over! Let’s move back to the scandals that seem to define the USSA. The debt, the corruption, the bought and paid for politicians, the endless illegal wars, jobs or the fact that you need 3 or 4 to survive because they are all part time. I could go on but…I’m done.

    1. Nope, they don’t care about anybody but themselves and getting the guns out of the peoples hands. Gun laws is all this was ever about, oh and it is a convient time to shift the sheeples attention from what they should be focusing on, mho.

  3. The public has plenty of tips for you, Holder, but don’t be surprised if “arrest yourself” is the most popular of them.

  4. Yeah…I got a bunch of tips; Benghazi, NSA, IRS, Wall Street brokerages, the FEDRES, NAACP, New Black Panthers, Obama Administration, Big Pharma, Fast & Furious, every LEO Department in the U.S., Zionist Congress, etc. Gee, do we have to do the job you’re being paid to do for you?

  5. doj investigate this

    Then go and look at Zimmerman’s arrest record for asking what the problem was, when an under cover cop was dragging someone out of a bar (Not in a nice way, Zimmerman didn’t know it was an undercover cop at the time) the undercover cop flashed his badge at him, Zimmerman still he wanted to know why he treating this person this way, then Zimmerman was arrested for assaulting a cop~charges were dropped on Zimmerman & he was released.

    That’s 2 tips for you doj and hr. much do you get paid per hr.?

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