9 thoughts on “Dolly gets a dose of her own medicine.

  1. Yeah, like she got the injection. Sure, prove it!
    Dolly, you are a dumb blonde and I ain’t chicken, I ain’t stupid!

  2. Yea I saw this on the local news this morning, which is proof that all local news outlets around the country are following the same news script.

    I looked at it on the tv in the waiting area and was like, “man, they are really desperate for this vaccine push since Texas and Mississippi are getting rid of the mask mandate.” All you heard on tv was “Vaccine is here! Take the vaccine! Hurry and get your shot! Don’t worry if they run out as more vaccines are on the way!”

    What a shitshow.

  3. Moderna, my butt!! You got sugar water. And how dare you call me a “coward,” you bleached blonde, fake boobs, face-lift, mega rich Son-of-a-BIT*H!!!


  4. She’s been hucking her brand recently and I am sure this was part of the advertising deals she made.

    She can burn in hell for her crimes and colluding with the enemy.

  5. She’s fake
    So was this
    Next loser ?, who will it be

    We all know this is to convince the masses that this is safe
    Some will believe Dolly
    Well like I said , you can’t fix stupid
    And that’s exactly what this is

    Sell out fake bitch

  6. I can’t understand why she sold out? She has no need to do this, she grew up poor white trash and made it. Sad for southern folk like me yet it is what it is.

  7. Unfortunately, most all of them sell out eventually. They cannot resist the siren’s song of damnation.

  8. Her manager told her to do so, to get $$$ from Gates. “hey, just thought, Gates of Hell”. Moderna and Pfizer and other vaccines that use Crispr Tech and aborted fetal tissue. Y’all look up Crispr Tech and then you realize that WOW!!!! Really spooky, Dr. Frankenstein has returned, gene manipulation. If you want, watch Rage with the Rock as star. In the opening credits talks of Crispr and uses Crispr tech to point out what gene manipulation does. It creates a hybrid.

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