Donald Trump Holds Lavish Fundraiser At Jewish Hedge Fund Billionaire Nelson Peltz’s Home

Occidental Dissent – by Hunter Wallace

I wish Donald Trump wasn’t a conservative demagogue who sold out to the donor class. I wish Charlie Kirk wasn’t running his 2020 campaign, but it is what it is …

Palm Beach Post

“In a rare fundraiser outside the walls of Mar-a-Lago, President Donald Trump was expected to raise $10 million at a dinner at the Palm Beach, oceanfront estate of billionaire investor Nelson Peltz on Saturday night.

In a rare fundraiser outside the walls of Mar-a-Lago, President Donald Trump dined with a small group of elite donors at the oceanfront estate of billionaire investor Nelson Peltz on Saturday night.

The dinner was expected to raise $10 million for Trump Victory, a joint fundraising committee with the Republican National Committee, according to a GOP insider who spoke on the condition of anonymity. …”


“U.S. President Donald Trump mixed reelection business with pleasure during a weekend stop at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, attending a fundraiser on Saturday evening expected to raise $10 million for his campaign and the Republican National Committee.

The event was believed to be his most expensive fundraiser ever, with invitations going to donors who gave $580,600 per couple, according to The Washington Post, which obtained an invitation to the event at the Palm Beach estate of Jewish billionaire investor Nelson Peltz.

Pro-Trump groups have been shattering fundraising records on the path toward a goal of raising $1 billion this election cycle. …”

National Vanguard:

“In any case, it was a republic and we couldn’t keep it; instead, Jewish hedge fund managers and plutocrats decide under what guise the neo-liberal machine will continue to operate, for it is in fact all window dressing. The reasons may vary — cheap labor, ready votes, “social justice,” climate change, anti-White animus, etc. — but the end result is no border and no representation, regardless of the rhetoric. The ruling class is beyond redemption, and nothing short of a replacement of the kind they envision for us will suffice to save any semblance of an America worth saving. Perhaps it is a Balkanized future or an entire Western Hemisphere that looks like Brazil, but prognostication is not the order of the day, nor is this a post-mortem, but rather an outlining of the kabuki theater that passes for politics in America and a look at its stage managers.

Using the figures for individual donors’ campaign contributions to federal candidates, parties, political action committees (PACs), 527 organizations, and Carey committees as reported by the Center for Responsive Politics for the 2018 election, we see that six of the top seven donors were Jews: Sheldon Adelson, Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, S. Donald Sussman, Jim Simons, and George Soros. The Jewish Stephen Schwarzman of the Blackstone Group was also in the top ten. Number ten on that list, Fred Eychaner, is not Jewish, but as The Times of Israel reported in late October 2012 …

For billionaire Jews like Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer, backing candidates is apparently not enough anymore, or maybe their grip on power is becoming more tenuous. Whatever the reason, the Wonderful Wizards are moving to center stage for all of America to see. Having made a killing as a hedge fund manager, Tom Steyer now has his sights on the presidency, and has spent nearly $48 million of his own money at press time on his bid …”

What did you do last night?

Donald Trump raised about $10 million dollars last night for his reelection campaign at the home of Jewish hedge fund billionaire Nelson Peltz. It cost $580,600 per couple to attend the fundraiser. Marvel Entertainment chairman Ike Perlmutter was also there with about 40 other wealthy donors. These people are Donald Trump’s neighbors at Mar-a-Lago.

Next week, Trump is going to California for another fundraiser at the home of Oracle chairman Larry Ellison who is the fourth richest person in the United States. For $100,000, you can go golfing with Trump and Ellison and for $250,000 you can get your picture taken with the president and participate in a roundtable discussion. If that rings a bell, it is because Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman bought their way into Trump’s inner circle by donating $325,000 to the America First Action Super PAC before turning on him in the Ukraine scandal. He raised $4 million from Orthodox Jews in New York City in December. Sheldon Adelson plans to spend anywhere from $100 million to $200 million to buy Donald Trump and the GOP in the 2020 election.

Okay, well … that is blackpilling enough. When you look behind the curtains at the apex of MAGA and the conservative movement, you find a Jewish plutocracy that is just outright buying and selling access and influence. Instead of recognizing this for what it is though, these people associate plutocracy with big ideas like “conservatism” and “populism” and “nationalism” and manipulate millions of people. And yes, it is no different on the Left with billionaires like Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer who are also trying to buy the Democratic nomination.

It gets even worse than that when you think about it. Those of us who actually believe in these big ideas like “conservatism” and “populism” and “nationalism” and are motivated by these sentiments have been banished to the fringes of society. We’re treated like garbage by the mainstream “Right” which is nothing more than a corrupt racket that prostrates itself at the feet of these billionaires. Finally, even in our little space on the fringes of society where we have been banished because of a fake morality of -isms and -phobias, these same people are throwing out a little chump change and sending in their operatives to manipulate us into voting for them and acting like they are legitimate in every election cycle. In such a way, the most Jewish president in history who calls himself the King of the Jews and who has devoted himself almost exclusively to the interests of Israel is paradoxically defended by lots of people in the Dissident Right.

How on earth is this guy a populist? Is it because he wakes up the next morning and takes a victory lap in his limousine at the Daytona 500 for all the rubes?

I’ve been rethinking my relationship with “Right.”

In my private life, I am a natural conservative. I believe in these big ideas like conservatism, nationalism and populism. I believe in faith, family and folk. Unlike these people who seemingly have no problem with corruption, my life and interests reflect my beliefs.

In public life though, I increasingly wonder what anything that I believe in has to do with the “Right.” When I look at the people who control the “Right” in the United States, I don’t really see anyone who is motivated by these big ideas like conservatism, populism or nationalism. There is nothing “conservative” about Donald Trump or his family. He doesn’t act like a populist. He is only a nationalist in the sense that he is a Zionist. The terms which more accurately describe Donald Trump and his family are plutocrat and demagogue and Zionist and liberal.

In public life, those of us who are the most socially conservative, the most nationalist, the most populist stratum of the population – the most naturally rightwing in our sentiments, attitudes, beliefs and worldview – are pathologized by the liberals who control the “Right.” Politically speaking, we end up aligning with these people because of our private beliefs and sentiments, but we do not share the same ends in public life. It has gotten us nowhere.

At what point do you just say f*** it? I’m done? I’m out? I’m not changing my beliefs, but I have no control over the situation. I will find something else to do rather than worry myself about public life. I am tired of being manipulated. That’s where I am at with these people. I don’t have any confidence or trust at all in these people. It just pisses me off now when I see them associated with “nationalism” and “populism” because Donald Trump isn’t either of these things.

Donald Trump’s true friends are people like Lev Parnas, Nelson Peltz, Sheldon Adelson, Ike Perlmutter, Bernard Marcus, Paul Singer, Ron Lauder, Steve Wynn, Steve Schwarzman and so on. Let’s not forget his BFF Bibi Netanyahu. That’s who is running the country. Those people are surrounded by all of Trump World’s pathetic cronies like Rudy Giuliani. It makes my skin crawl when I think that somehow all these sleazy people and worthless old do nothing Boomers are at the top of the pyramid of “conservatism” and “nationalism” and “populism.”

Occidental Dissent

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  1. I wish that a wildfire (or devaststing flood, maybe) might consume all those coastal mansions in palm beach, and their owners!

  2. We have been telling you trumptards this since he got in he is ran by the jews . Wilbur Ross of the rothschild bailed him out of a billion dollar debt . So who in the hell do you thinks own him and who he works for.

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