7 thoughts on ““DON’T BE A SHEEP!” Sheriff Tells Citizens To Ignore WA State Dictator Inslee’s Face Masks Order!

  1. If for anything, it’s because it affects him personally.

    All of the other injustices and violations he’s committed he’s fine with on a daily basis.

    1. Exactly
      He needs to see faces to do his work kissing his masters ass for a clown suit and tin badge
      ( we could use this to our advantage in our daily lives in certain areas where facial recognition cameras are plentiful or when you see a clown around
      Just thinking out loud for a friend

      It is war , after all
      Every tactic is has its possibilities

  2. We have submitted to the signs on businesses that state: No Shoes/No Shirt/No Service as common and acceptable.
    I refuse to go that way with masks, as I have a feeling that “No Masks/No Service” will be the next added sign on the doors of many if not all “brick and mortar” shops.
    This just in:
    We are the psychos?!?!?!!
    Bass akwards upside down world, indeed. Gaslighting the entire world is quite a feat.

    1. Silvery sunshine in Wa. Wheres all this shit in the skies coming from without the usual jet traffic!! If there aren’t alot of commercial jets flying It would have to be the Navy or the Airfarce poisoning the air above us!! Like Jamal I feel like shit sittin here unable to stop this Illegal communist scourge on us!! While their working 24/7 to kill us!!! Rocket launcher please!!!

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