Don’t Mess with Texas (Marriage Law)!

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Dear Marriage Supporter,

Unprecedented, chilling, unconstitutional, and simply wrong.

Those were some of the words used to describe a San Antonio City Council ordinance that would ban from city government anyone who ever uttered a discriminatory word against same-sex marriage. Truth is stranger, and in this case more horrifying, than fiction.  

For years we at NOM have been pointing out that one of the biggest threats when marriage is redefined is to our cherished freedom of speech and religious liberties. Now, in San Antonio the City Council is proving our point.

San Antonio is considering a proposal that will add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to the discrimination ordinances in the city code. People who have been determined to ever have “discriminated” could be barred from employment and subject to other sanctions. This proposed ordinance covers individuals, businesses, religious organizations and places of public accommodation. It provides no exemptions for religious beliefs relating to homosexuality or same-sex marriage. As it stands, the proposed ordinance violates the First Amendment rights to freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of association. Additionally, it violates the rights granted by the Texas Religious Freedom Act and the Texas Constitution.

But believe it or not, sponsors of this ordinance call these measures, “a bare minimum,” hinting at broader restrictions to follow.

But it goes even further, the measure is retroactive. If someone has “ever” spoken out in public against same-sex marriage or homosexuality they are subject to the sanctions of this ordinance. Talk about chilling! The mere opposition to redefining marriage or sharing what a person’s faith says about homosexuality could be discrimination under the ordinance.

We need you to act today to stop this madness. Please click here to take the time to email Governor Perry and your State Legislators urging them to intervene and protect the rights of Texans to speak freely in public, hold religious beliefs, and live their lives and run their businesses according to their consciences.

You still have the right to speak your mind in Texas, and you can make a difference. Please take action today! And after you’ve emailed the Governor and your Legislators, please use the buttons below to forward and share this email with as many of your friends and family as possible.

The people of the Great State of Texas who believe in marriage as God designed it can stop this madness.

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One thought on “Don’t Mess with Texas (Marriage Law)!

  1. ” ……the measure is retroactive. If someone has “ever” spoken out in public against same-sex marriage or homosexuality they are subject to the sanctions of this ordinance.”


    The lunatics have DEFINITELY taken over the asylum in San Antonio.


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