Douglas County Commissioners Support Freedom of Choice

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Douglas County, Oregon – Following the news that the state’s COVID-19 mandates are going to be extended again by the Oregon Health Authority, Douglas County Commissioners expressed their strong opposition to the mandates on citizens, schools and businesses in the county.

A release said, “As your Local Public Health Authority, your Commissioners have openly chosen to not enforce the Governor’s and OHA’s mandates relating to COVID-19. Instead they have chosen to provide abundant local access to health and safety resources and guidance, in order to allow Douglas County residents, the freedom to make informed decisions regarding their own risk”.

The release said commissioners Tim Freeman, Chris Boice and Tom Kress continue to stand by their firm belief that providing residents the latest information and recommendations yields better outcomes, rather than imposing mandates aimed at “..forcing residents into compliance”.

Commissioners said they have supported decision-making at the local level by:

*Immediately assembling a local task force and emergency command center

*Issuing their own constant, consistent and reliable communication updates

*Coordinating and assembling local medical resources

*Providing county-wide access to testing, vaccines, PPE and home test kits

*Implementing a local COVID-19 Call Center

*Supporting local hospitals and the medical community during case surges

*Prioritizing the financial stability of local businesses

*Minimizing the economic impact of the pandemic, while trying to keep local citizens safe and healthy

The release concluded by saying, “The Commissioners encourage us all to not judge others for how they have personally chosen to navigate the course of this pandemic, but rather try to learn to respect each other’s choices. Let us all be thankful that we have each had a choice. That, by definition, is the point of freedom of choice”.

KQEN News Radio

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