Dr.Carrie Madej, Avoid the Covid Jab ~ ZERO Benefits With Lifelong, Permanent, Irreversible Costs


March 17th, 2021.

Feb 22, 2021 Jana Bennun talks to Dr.Carrie Madej about the utter INSANITY of submitting yourself to the 100% “experimental”, unproven, untested, never-before-tried, DNA re-coding by messenger RNA genetic modification with ZERO liability for the vaccine maker if you die or become crippled for life, so that you can be used as a lab rat in a worldwide experiment which includes permanent monitoring/surveillance and data transmission to Artificial Intelligence DARPA computers – just to let the DARPA boys know EVERYTHING that’s taking place inside your body 24/7, including sexual activity and hormone response — for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.
What a Deal !!!
Gates and his psychotic, satanic pals turn YOU into a lifelong LAB RAT and YOU get NOTHING in return EXCEPT a lifetime of Misery and Pain.

Wow, no wonder brain-dead people are eager to line up for their jab that will destroy their life — like kids awaiting Santa Claus on Christmas!

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