Dr Christine Northrupt Succinct Warning on the Grave Dangers of Submitting to Covid Vax


November 17th, 2020.

Nov. 3, 2020
Dr Christine Northrup does a good job in 4 minutes of summarizing the life-destroying poisons that make the Covid “vaccine” the MOST DANGEROUS substance that has ever been presented to humanity as something that we “must” submit to in order to “save” us. A greater LIE has NEVER been told!

This so-called ‘vaccine’ will DESTROY everything which makes life precious and sacred as a Soul gift from God to allow us to experience the joys and sorrows of physical life on this earthly plane in the manner that our Heavenly Creator had intended for us — with FREE WILL and SELF determination — not the Demonic enslavement agenda desired by demented Jewish psychopaths like Gates and the Rothschild JWO cabal.

See links below for more detailed explanations from Dr Carrie Madej, Kate Shemirani, and Dr Judy Mikovits on the diabolical ingredients of Lucifer’s ‘Vaccine’ and their effects on our freedom, privacy, INABILITY to have babies (infertility), health, and Free Will itself !


Dr Carrie Madej and Kate Shemirani on covid vax (Aug 25 2020)

Dr Carrie Maedej re. Covid vax dangers Sep 13 2020 with Richie from Boston

Dr Judy Mikovits on Covid vaccine dangers (Oct 15 2020)

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